Top 5 Sheepskin Rugs

In the world today, everything you can buy has a stylish feature in it, from smartphone cases even to optical devices such as a mouse. Then there are items that …

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Top 5 Oriental & Persian Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs are beautiful additions to all rooms of the home. These rugs coming from eastern countries have beautiful intricate designs and are most known for being hand …

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Top 5 Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

What I love about these most popular outdoor rugs I have selected here is that they are suitable for inside the house. Yes you read that right. Bring the outdoors, …

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Flokati Rugs

Flokati Rugs.

Flokati rugs have a long and rich history with roots starting from the early years of the ancient Greek civilization, the fifth century to be exact. From good and trusted …

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Top 5 Living Room Rugs

Best Living Room Rugs.

On the market for a new area rug for your home? If you aren’t already, you should be. Why? Because rugs really tie a room together. Your furniture is no longer …

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Bowron Sheepskin Rug

Bowron Sheepskin Rug.

When my sister in law first walked into our new house a few years back, her first thought was it was a purely white Shih Tzu sleeping comfortably on the …

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Top 5 Exotic Rugs

You’ve heard of plain jane area rugs, made from average materials and designs that everyone places in their living rooms but why don’t you be a little different and place …

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