Top 5 Oriental & Persian Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs are beautiful additions to all rooms of the home. These rugs coming from eastern countries have beautiful intricate designs and are most known for being hand knotted or hand woven. Adding style and sophistication to any room of the house can be as simple as adding a beautiful unique oriental rug.

When you think of oriental rugs, you probably think of the rug your grandmother never let anyone step on in the formal sitting room. That isn’t always the case anymore. You can easily find a durable and unique oriental rug that will fit your style and you won’t have to be afraid to step on it. That’s right, you can enjoy it’s softness as well as its beauty.

Traditional Area Rug, Home Dynamix Royalty

This imported rug is made of 100% polypropylene that was power loomed to ensure durability and strength. However, it is made in a traditional

Home Dynamix Royalty rug comes in 14 sizes, 3 shapes (inc round) and 9 colors

style and design with bold colors and tight intricate patterns. If you’ve been looking for a soft, elegant rug that is easy to clean and durable enough to use in the living room, then this is going to be a great rug for you.

You can buy this rug in a variety of colors, you’ll certainly find one that is perfect for your space. It comes in red, black, ivory, brown and a secondary red color. Each of these rugs have beautiful traditional design in their individual color schemes.

Mad Mats Turkish Indoor/Outdoor Rug

You probably never thought you’d see an indoor/outdoor oriental rug, so prepare to see one here. That’s right, this beautiful Mad Mats oriental Turkish indoor/outdoor floor mat which is available in three different colors can be both inside AND outside. What could be easier?

This Turkish Mad rug is one of my favorite oriental style rugs. It comes in three colors and three sizes. It’s absolutely stunning.

It takes almost nothing to clean it and it’s made to withstand heavy use and all the elements. Mad Mats even has a one year guarantee on the color of their rug, even if it’s outside! Mad Mats rugs are notorious for being incredibly durable and for having long lasting beauty. This is also a very affordable rug which is really an investment that you can feel good about.

Home Dynamix Royalty Traditional Rug (41200B-450)

Want a rug that guests will bring up as the topic of conversation? Then this rug will surely make your house guests wish they knew where to find one for their homes. This traditional royalty area rug has a little bit of a higher price tag than the first one by Home Dynamix.

The Home Dynamix Royalty Traditional Rug is available in 5 sizes.

It’s a pretty big rug that would be great in a living room. Sporting a traditional style and pattern, with bold colors, this rug will definitely make a statement in your home. This beautiful rug really proves that you can put a price on style. It’s soft and easy to clean as well, making this 100% polypropylene rug definitely worth every penny.

Home Dynamix Royalty Oriental Area Rug

As you can probably gather by now, Home Dynamix are one of the leaders when it comes to Persian and Oriental style rugs for around the house. To summarize yet another rug by Home Dynamix in two words, style and comfort are what abound in this oriental rug. Imported from Turkey, this rug is made in the classic Persian style and is soft and comfortable as well.

This is a classic oriental style rug which you can choose from a variety of 11 colors and 10 sizes to suit any room of the home.

This oriental rug is also incredibly easy to clean, you can even vacuum it. Since it’s made to resist staining you won’t really have many issues to worry about if you decide to put it by the dining room or if you want to take dinner in to the living room.

Doesn’t matter, you’re covered. If you happen to spill something, spot clean with a damp rag and you’re good to go. It’s even resistant to fading meaning it’s good to last a long time.

Traditional Persian Wool Area Rug By Feraghan/New City

This Turkish rug is unique on this list as it’s made from 50% wool and 50% Olefin twisted yarn. It’s fringe free for a nice and clean design, which you will appreciate so much when you see it.

Traditional French Floral Wool Persian Area Rug is available in 5 sizes and 8 colors

The French/Persian design is incredibly beautiful and this rug, being wool, is made to resist staining.

It’s bold rich colors will be sure to win you over and you’ll want one for every room of your home. If you have a room that is pretty neutral and plain, this is the rug you’d want to tie it together.

Rug Critic’s Final Word

In my eyes, all these persian and oriental rugs are all winners, and it’s hard to pick just one. However, if none of these suit your home, look at these popular Oriental & Persian rugs instead. Let’s keep this between us… you don’t have to pick just one. Go ahead and mix it up, a different rug for different rooms. Or if you find a favorite, grab it and enjoy. Oriental rugs are the perfect accent to your home.

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