Best Selling Rug: The Safavieh California Shag Collection Rug

Round Safavieh Rug.There are a lot of factors that made me purchase this Safavieh rug (you have to read more of my funny story as to how I came about buying this rug below, it’s pretty hilarious).

Aside from this particular brand, Safavieh, being around for almost a century of nothing but pure quality shag area rugs, aswell as unpresented level of style that no other brand can match, the shag area rug that I purchased is probably the longest lasting rug I have ever bought in my entire life (coming from me, that is a big statement).

It isn’t slowly falling off yet and with constant cleaning and proper maintenance, this plush rug looks good as new! Definitely worth every dollar I have ever spent it on.

If we’re going to talk about the texture, oh this luxury rug just wins it. It is really is a bit ticklish on the toes when you try to run your foot gently over it (tee-hee!). Since I placed this shag pile rug in my bedroom, I placed it on the extra space where I place my television in.

Whenever I just wanna chill out with my kids sometimes and watch a movie in front of my television, we wanted to go ‘in-formal’ sometimes. We would just place some pillows and a blanket Safavieh rug and we would relax and cuddle up there, it is super comfy (I recommend trying it, that’s once you buy one, of course!). I most definitely am talking about heaven. It really takes all the day’s stresses away.

Safavieh California Premium Shag Thick Area Rug.Another thing I liked about this rug is their wide selection of different colors (view all colors here), so I am most certain that you can find one that can suit your home.

Do you have a hardwood floor? A white shag rug or beige rug or even green shag rug might be suitable for you. If you have a marble floor, no problem! You can use a black shag rug, gray shag rug, ivory shag rug, white shag rugs or even a teal shag rug or red shag rug for a pop of color!

All the colors of these Safavieh area rugs compliment all types of floors.

I got a purple shag rug for my house, despite it being a hardwood floor because I like purple. It represents royalty because whenever I am at home, I am the queen!

Next in line for me is the white shag area rug and I much like the round shag rug shown in the image above, I think that will go perfect under my coffee table.

Why I Decided on a Safavieh Rug For My Bedroom?

If you’ve ever seen and tuned to Breaking Bad in AMC, you might have heard of Ted Beneke. He’s just a small supporting role in a story. Anywho, a background on Ted: his company pretty much takes care of textiles and fabrics so, rugs are included. Walter White’s wife, Skyler White, had an affair with Ted which White AKA Heisenberg learns of and decides to investigate it. Anyway, after some unfortunate series of events, Ted Beneke tripped into a rug which left him paralyzed. The rug he tripped on isn’t this type of rug. The rug we have here today is where Skyler enjoyed the texture so much she played her feet on it. I had the brilliant idea of owning such a rug myself because gosh darn it, I wanted to sink my toes into whatever comfort she had.

Safavieh California Premium Shag Collection SG151-7373.

They really didn’t specify what kind of rug it was but by the looks of it, I thought it was a Shag rug. So I scouted the for the rug online, finding the color that I preferred the most – which was a purple shag rug – and finally landed on this glorious shaggy rug which I immediately placed on my bedroom floor.

Oh, before I forget, my rug is most certainly perfect for houses with plenty of space. It measures 8 feet by 10. 8 feet by 10 feet of pure awesomeness. Definitely worth every buck you can spend.

So? What are you waiting for? You can definitely enjoy this rug today by purchasing one!

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