New City Contemporary Brown and Beige Modern Wavy Circles Area Rug

Why does this rug make me think of the 70′s? Oh, it’s maybe because of the circular pattern and cool, earthly colors…but mainly because of the patterns. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular and highest selling of all the living room rugs, many customers buy. It has a earthy tone that suits a majority of households.

  1. feature about this New City Rug is that it’s conveniently stain-proof. Just in case you accidentally spill coffee, chocolate or wine, you won’t go much into the trouble of trying to clean the stain of (also perfect if you have pets!).
  2. feature about the New City Rug is that’s its looks beautiful at an affordable price.
  3. feature about the New City Rug is that is not too heavy and not too light. Rugs are usually sort of heavy most especially when wet. I’m a bit of a clumsy person and I’ve had my share of spills here and there and believe me, getting nasty and hard stains off is pretty tough, time consuming and oftentimes frustrating. I guess I’ll say goodbye now that my new rug is stain-proof!

I mainly chose to purchase this rug because of the color theme of my home: brown and white. It looks really cool in the eyes and not too bright. Since I spend a lot of time reading, writing and working in my computer, I feel that a dimly lit environment is for me so it wouldn’t strain my eyes which then led me to buying house stuff – from furniture to appliances – in the tones of white and brown. And this rug certainly is a great fit for that type of color theme, or if you just have a hardwood floor, really. This would look perfectly great for any home that features that.

What’s best about this rug is that it comes in a variety of sizes so you can basically just choose whatever size would suit your house well, compared to Flokati rugs that would require some more than adequate house space due to its size.

Another thing that I liked about this rug is that it doesn’t easily come off and doesn’t slip right away in case you step on it and well…slipped. This rug is neither too thin nor too thick (which is absolutely great!). I guess whatever floor you have, as long as the colors fit well in the motif of your home, should do fine.

I also like that this rug is incredibly easy to clean and to vacuum since it isn’t too fluffy or too ‘hairy’ is doesn’t shed too much nor does it get too dirty right away because it isn’t bright colored (for more rug cleaning ideas, click here). I specifically placed this rug on my living room to give it a cozy look and I also do want that kind of look in my home that isn’t too traditional or too modern. I blissfully adore this product because of its unspeakable convenience, especially to a person like me.

But, all in all, I don’t think I haven’t been to the best part yet. This rug is not expensive. That is pretty much the first thing we consider in buying something, right? Well, if you can spare some dollars for a 5 feet by 8 feet rug that looks contemporary, stain-proof, isn’t too slippery, low maintenance and made from Turkey, I guess you’d enjoy this product as much I did!

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