Top 5 Exotic Rugs

You’ve heard of plain jane area rugs, made from average materials and designs that everyone places in their living rooms but why don’t you be a little different and place a statement rug in your living area.

Today we will be delving into looking at the best exotic rugs that are less common rugs that you’ll find around because people just don’t know how good they actually look! You may not have even heard of some of these exotic rugs.

For instance, Capel, Kilim, Flokati, Jute, Sissal and Sea grass are the rugs we will be discussing today. Have you heard of any of them?

These area rugs are great for incorporating style and durability into your home. Most people don’t think to poke around for these unusual types of rugs, but they really should. Where there are some rugs you wouldn’t want for your beach house, there are others that would be perfect, like the sea grass. The fibers of these unusual rugs add a unique flare to your space, and these, especially the ones listed below are gorgeous and definitely worth the time to check out.

TIP: If you want to see more of these ‘statement’ style rugs that can be contemporary, modern, rustic or vintage, see the list of Top Trendy Rugs.

Capel Rugs

This Capel Rug is a machine woven rug, made in Belgium and is first on our list of the best unique, unusual, different and trendy rugs. Not only is it made from an uncommon material (called Olefin – a material that get’s used in wallpaper, car interiors and ropes) but it’s also an indoor/outdoor rug.

Capel Rug available in 3 sizes and 3 colors. Click here to view all

Being both an indoor/outdoor rug means you can use it anywhere you want! No worries about spills or humidity or muddy feet, this rug can take it all.

Oh, and one of the rugs that is considered a trendy rug right now. It’s a light blue and white chevron pattern that really is subtle enough to put just about anywhere. It would make a nice addition in both the living room and out on the pool deck, so maybe you’ll buy two. It’s machine made in Belgium and can be found in different colors and patterns via the company and their other listings. Noted that this rug is beautiful enough to make a space and casual enough that you won’t feel the need to extravagantly decorate, it’s no wonder it’s at the top of its kind.

Hand Woven Flokati Rug

Walking on a flokati rug is like walking on a marshmallow, that’s how soft it is! A flokati rug is a Greek style of woven wool rug with a thick loose pile. This particular Flokati rug caught our eye for its thick comfortable materials, hand woven quality and its natural durability from the wool.

Flokati rug comes in 6 different sizes and 4 different colors. Click image to view all.

The wool is naturally durable and is an excellent material for rugs and is naturally resistant to spills, meaning you can feel comfortable with this rug in the living room, dining room and yes, even it is one of the best rugs for a nursery. It’s just the kind of soft rug you’d want for your baby to spend tummy time on. Learning to crawl takes practice, baby deserves a soft place to do it.

Handspun Jute Rug

A Jute Rug is made out of jute, which is a natural fiber that can be used to make quality area rugs. You won’t want this rug outside, it’s for indoor use only, but you can rest assured that you’re making an environmentally conscious decision with this one.

Jute rugs are hand woven and are available in 12 different sizes. Click here for more information.

Jute rugs are hand woven area rugs by skilled artisans and made of sustainably harvested jute, which is a very quick growing renewable resource. Being completely natural, this rug is not dyed and is found in its natural color, brown.

Sissal Rug

Sissal rugs are not any ordinary rug. They are trendy right now and versatile all around the home. One of my favorite types of rugs (especially when layered with either a Flokati rug or Sheepskin).

Another natural fibered rug makes the list, this one, a Sissal Rug. Sissal Rugs are handmade rusg made in a traditional woven pattern. This rug gives off a very relaxed vibe in a room and is great for those who enjoy a laid back, natural lifestyle and like it to reflect in their homes.

What’s great about this Sissal Area Rug is that it is also not dyed, so it is in its natural tan color. Stick it in the sitting room and enjoy the casual style.

Sea Grass Rug

Sea grass is a natural material used to make some pretty nice rugs. These sea grass rugs fit best in a beach house or cottage style home, they really give off that vibe, but if you have a theme going and you think it fits, it definitely will.

Another trendy rug right now is the Seagrass rug. I am loving the natural feel of this rug and again, laying it in the colder months with 1-2 rugs. Click here for more info.

This area rug is made of 100% natural sea grass with the exception of the latex no slip backing. It was hand crafted by a skilled artisan. It’s stain resistant and naturally durable, making it perfect for an entry way if you chose to put it there, walking on it won’t be a big problem. These rugs can be found in a variety of colors ranging from sea green to olive colors. This particular one is a brownish tan color.

What? Another rug? Yeah, I know. This is a Top 5 list, but it honestly wouldn’t be complete without this last one. A beautiful Kilim rug.

Kilim Rug

With bold colors and a beautiful design, this handmade wool kilim rug is sure to stand out in your home. Hand made in India out of 100% wool, this rug can be used for decoration or even for some simple functions.

Click image for more information and view price.

Kilim rugs are flat woven rugs out of wool and are commonly used as prayer rugs. This rug is absolutely gorgeous. You can literally see the quality of it. Being made of wool is another plus as wool is very resistant to spills when properly cared for.

Rug Critic’s Final Word

Different right? These unique and unusual exotic rugs make the perfect accent to most every space in your home, and they are definitely a great conversation piece.

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