Top 5 Sheepskin Rugs

In the world today, everything you can buy has a stylish feature in it, from smartphone cases even to optical devices such as a mouse. Then there are items that cannot be marketed without the feature of good style, like articles of clothing from shirts to lingerie and curtains. But above all of my favorite … Read more

New City Contemporary Brown and Beige Modern Wavy Circles Area Rug

Why does this rug make me think of the 70′s? Oh, it’s maybe because of the circular pattern and cool, earthly colors…but mainly because of the patterns. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular and highest selling of all the living room rugs, many customers buy. It has a earthy tone that suits … Read more

Modern Contemporary Living Room Area Rugs

Modern Contemporary Living Room Area Rugs.

Modern contemporary living room area rugs provide depth, character, warmth and life to your living room as opposed to a plain, one-color area rug. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love one-color area rugs, such as the Safavieh range that I’ve spoken about here. But I believe, as seasons change, so do our area rugs in … Read more

Top 5 Oriental & Persian Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs are beautiful additions to all rooms of the home. These rugs coming from eastern countries have beautiful intricate designs and are most known for being hand knotted or hand woven. Adding style and sophistication to any room of the house can be as simple as adding a beautiful unique oriental rug. … Read more

Best Selling Rug: The Safavieh California Shag Collection Rug

There are a lot of factors that made me purchase this Safavieh rug (you have to read more of my funny story as to how I came about buying this rug below, it’s pretty hilarious). Aside from this particular brand, Safavieh, being around for almost a century of nothing but pure quality shag area rugs, … Read more

Top 5 Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

What I love about these most popular outdoor rugs I have selected here is that they are suitable for inside the house. Yes you read that right. Bring the outdoors, indoors with these indoor/outdoor rugs. All these best selling rugs are that categorized as indoor/outdoor rugs, so they definitely have a place in a household. … Read more

Flokati Rugs

Flokati Rugs.

Flokati rugs have a long and rich history with roots starting from the early years of the ancient Greek civilization, the fifth century to be exact. From good and trusted providers of warmth to dowries to give to the brides for marriage, the almighty Flokati has been through a lot and has been a part … Read more

Top 5 Living Room Rugs

Best Living Room Rugs.

On the market for a new area rug for your home? If you aren’t already, you should be. Why? Because rugs really tie a room together. Your furniture is no longer floating around the room. A rug brings everything together and finishes off your home. A rug ties together all the furniture around the center area … Read more

Bowron Sheepskin Rug

Bowron Sheepskin Rug.

When my sister in law first walked into our new house a few years back, her first thought was it was a purely white Shih Tzu sleeping comfortably on the floor. At closer inspection, she realized, ‘Oh boy, that’s a sheep skin rug. That’s a rug?!’ Yes, it was not a dog but it’s a … Read more

Top 5 Exotic Rugs

You’ve heard of plain jane area rugs, made from average materials and designs that everyone places in their living rooms but why don’t you be a little different and place a statement rug in your living area. Today we will be delving into looking at the best exotic rugs that are less common rugs that you’ll … Read more