Most Exquisite Cowhide Rugs

Buff up your décor with these exquisite cowhide rugs

Do you think your décor is a little bleak? Does it give wrong vibes to your guests?

Invest in the all new rugs of cowhide with the aid of which you can revamp the lost charm of furnishing without actually investing in real furniture. Indulge into buying top-notch cow hide rugs that will furbish your décor and give it a rad make-over.

These products are first-grade. They are drenched in aesthetic awesomeness and it’s hard not to look at them and marvel. These naturally available rugs are handpicked from a tannery. The focus lies in the department of quality, and we believe quality is your first preference too.

Types of Cowhide Rugs

Fake-Cowhide-RugsBased on the color factor, you get different types of rugs. Similar classification can be made in terms of design and patterns. However, when you take a step back to really look at it, these rugs are available in two main types:

a)      Natural Cowhide Rugs

b)      Faux Cowhide Rugs

Naturally Available Rugs

These are real rugs of cowhide. Every product comes straight from the tannery where based upon crucial factors like size, quality, pattern, color and design, the good from the bad gets separated.

Faux Cowhide Rugs

A faux cow hide rug is something that tries to imitate the original. The resemblance is so uncanny that it is hard for a person to differentiate one from the other. These rugs are polyester made and are very easy to maintain. Patterns on these are more prominent as they are properly dyed to resemble a cow hide rug.

Plethora of options

Browsing through the rugs would be fun for you. There are thousands of unique styles and designs that can’t simply be ignored. No two animal skins are exactly similar, which is the reason why there are always different colors in these products. Skim through each one of them and be prepared for eye-popping artistic designs.

Size does matter. You can choose a big or small cowhide rug depending upon your requirement. You can either opt for a natural or a fake cowhide rug, both of which are extremely magnificent to look at. You can wade through cheap cowhide rugs too that will give you a proper value for money.

These rugs emanate the right vibes required to brighten up any room. They are super chic and always in vogue and have earned a special place in the décor industry.


Best Black and White Rugs to Enhance Your Decor

It is high time you invested in something as spectacular as the series of black and white area rugs we have handpicked for you.

Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are also a great example of stylish and simple black and white rugs and are a personal favorite for simple and minimalist home furnishings. I have written a separate article about the most exquisite cowhide rugs here

Patterned rugs

Black and white colors look really appealing on rugs. We offer you high quality striped rugs that exploit the aforementioned fact fully.

Modela Collection Trellis Modern area rug

This machine woven rug comes straight from Turkey. Trellis lace incorporated here makes the rug look really chic. It is extremely durable and is considered the best amongst black and cream rugs. The area rug constitutes of 100% olefin/polypropylene. A unique design fills the carpetup with pizzazz. A borderline in cream makes it look even classier. The pile height isn’t much which makes it excellent to clean. It is also resistant to bacteria and mould.

Modern area rug in black and white

The unique design on this product captures you instantly. It is one of the best black and grey rugs you will find at such a cheap price. It will complement your floor finishing and merge with your sofa tones. It is made of polyester which makes vacuum cleaning a hoot.

Black and white zebra design shag collection

Dig in to explore the most rad style rugs you can ever lay your hands on. Zebra rugs,as the name suggests, are analogous to the zebra design.If you have a sofa of black or white shade then striped rug is a perfect way to complement its tint.It has a jute backing that is suggestive of its strength. The rug is machine woven and is manufactured with 100% heat-set polypropylene that highlights its long lasting capabilities. The carpet makes a silent promise to intensify the beauty of your décor.

Mixed pattern

Gray modern carpet

Gray is the new black. There are patches of white strewn all over the rug in an uneven fashion. The carpet is really plushy and soft to walk on. It is resistant to smears and marks and is easy to maintain.
Gray black white floral area rug: The breathtaking design on the black floral rug is a joy to watch. Manufactured in Turkey, this carpet looks quite fashionable. It will brim up your room with light and will send the dullness quotient down the toilet. It’s stain resistant and made from high quality polypropylene.

Floral pattern

Maxy luxury frieze pile floral tribal rug

The Italian wonder is a top-grade luxurious area rug that incorporates 100% heat-set frieze yarn for durability. It doesn’t need much maintenance as it is highly wear and fade-resistant in nature. The edges are Titan serge that stops the black white rug from getting frayed. Floral patterns are really artistic to look at.

Persian style

If you want to give your house a Persian look and feel, this is the rug for you. Turkey made black and white area rug is a super chic way to embellish your décor. It doesn’t stain easily hence it will save you the trouble of cleaning every day. It is a brand new beauty manufactured with polypropylene of the highest quality.



Modern Contemporary Living Room Area Rugs

Modern contemporary living room area rugs provide depth, character, warmth and life to your living room as opposed to a plain, one-color area rug. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love one-color area rugs, such as the Safavieh range that I’ve spoken about here.

But I believe, as seasons change, so do our area rugs in our home. Why not decor your home in different styles for different seasons and consider one of these patterned living room area rugs instead?

Also, if you have a pet, these rugs are absolutely perfect, you can find out why here in my article about the best rugs for pets.

Looking for more living room rugs, read about the best selling and most popular living rooms rugs here.

Here are the top picks for modern living room area rugs for this year (and updated frequently*).

If you want to submit an idea, please contact me.

Modern Contemporary Living Room Area Rugs

Popular not only as a rug in kids rooms but living rooms aswell. Zig Zag area rugs feature most commonly in living rooms as a trendy and simple way to decorate a common room in the house.


As with the first image on the post above, this is one of my all time favorite living room area rugs. And yes, the blue/white patterned area rug is just that. I’ve mentioned it a few times on the site for multiple purposes. Simple, elegant and an all round stunning rug.


 Classic, simple and sleek best describes using a zebra patterned rug in your living room. A rug that will not go out of date.


Stunningly simple and available in a variety of colors, providing depth and character to your living room. One of my personal favorites.


Generally, smaller but simpler, this is actually an outdoor rug, and they are becoming very popular as an area rug in a living room. I’ve written more about indoor and outdoor rugs here.




Natural Flokati Hand Woven Wool Rug

Are you looking for a great big rug for a great big space with a great big value? Look no more for I already have the answer!

It’s no coincidence that I love flokati rugs, they are one of my favorite rugs of all time. I’ve written about them previously and back by popular demand, I have another flokati rug that is extremely popular and a rug I recommend for just about anybody.

Flokati-Hand-Woven-RugsFrom the plains of a distant country in Oceania, New Zealand to be exact, comes the finest best quality wool for this shag rug and from the mountains of the Greeks, stems the production of each and every rug to be delivered right at your doorstep. Years after years of rug making tradition to provide you the greatest comfort, without compromising stylishness. Isn’t it simply amazing?

I absolutely loved this rug the moment it landed on my doorstep. Once I opened the box, there inside lies the fluffy and clean rug that is just absolutely great to touch. It actually smells pretty new, it has a hint of sheep in the smell once I opened it. I took it out of the box slowly and opened the folds. The size really did live up to it’s name! As I have mentioned, the feel is really fluffy and soft, it’s like touching the hair of a dog – and I really do mean it that way. This rug is high maintenance which I think is just right because you’d want to preserve the hair and its good condition for a few years. I named it ‘Fluffy’.


I did take care of this rug and, even though it sheds, it is still pretty complete. The rug itself is pretty gorgeous and would definitely would not fail to add a touch of class on every home it can possibly belong in. It doesn’t matter what color your house is or what your style maybe. This rug would definitely fit it all!

Since I did adore this rug very much, I bought a few more as gifts for my closest friends and family last Christmas. They did love the rug as well and already were using it. Whenever I get the time I visit their homes, I notice the rug I gave them and ask them about it sometime. No complaint from them whatsoever too. They adored the rug as much as I did.

I wish you’d consider buying this rug for your home as well as it adds life and luxury to every home!

Genuine Sheepskin Rug

Bowron Sheepskin Rug

Want a genuine sheepskin rug by Bowron: Click Here to Buy Now

From the UK? Buy Here

When my sister in law first walked into our new house a few years back, her first thought was it was a purely white Shih Tzu sleeping comfortably on the floor. At closer inspection, she realized, ‘Oh boy, that’s a sheep skin rug. That’s a rug?!’

Yes, it was not a dog but it’s a really adorable, soft white sheepskin rug (a lambskin rug to be exact). And no, no cute and tame shih tzus were harmed in the making of these rugs or this article. (P.S. Since I liked this rug so much and that it resembles my frisky and adorable Sheepdog, I named my sheepskin area rug after my sheepdog, it now becomes a conversation starter when I have friends and family over)

With a delightfully long and fluffy pile, this genuine sheepskin rug (view here) is an irresistibly luxurious place to sink your toes into after a long day, especially when you are home after a really long, tedious and stressful day from work. You deserve the best and you deserve a good break.


I recently wrote how a natural sheepskin rug is popularly used as a sheepskin baby rug as they are especially safe and soft for babies.


Click image to view more details about this rug.

Whatever kind of flooring you have in your living room, from wooden to laminate flooring, this sheepskin rug will add great texture and warmth to your living space, mostly notably on areas like bedrooms, living rooms and yes, it is a good fit for nursery rooms! I’m sure this excellent rug will find its rightful place to your home.

Just a quick note: This is a real sheepskin rug so it’s a 100% lambswool rug.

Get the Latest Price: Click Here

If you are from the UK, you can purchase this sheepskin rug from here

Provides Warmth

heep skin rugs are most certainly perfect for countries with cold climates because they offer very good warmth over the winter months because of its wooly texture.

Another thing is, this rug is very distinct amongst all other rugs because you can really say and see that it is made from Longwool Lambskin, meaning it comes from sheep hair. I like the texture. It feels like a very hairy stuffed animal – fluffy would be the perfect term to describe this rug. If you have kids then this would be a perfect choice for you because of the features it offers.

Other Features

Another added benefit, it is stain-resistant and comes with a non-slip backing.


Click here to find out more.

You can pretty much put sheepskin rugs anywhere since they offer varying sizes and designs, your not just limited to this bowron sheepskin (here), you can view all sheepskin rugs to choose from here.

The most popular from the above are the white sheepskin rug but you can buy sheepskin rug as a grey sheepskin rug, brown sheepskin rug, black sheepskin rug, double sheepskin rug, small sheepskin rug, Australian sheepskin rug, large sheepskin rugs, ra ound sheepskin rug and quad sheepskin rug.

And not to mention, the color white matches virtually any color so blending it with any house decor is not a problem. That’s the color that I chose, though. But there are other colors that are offered so, you are definitely free to choose whatever color you desire!

Cleaning & Care

You have to clean this regularly by vacuum cleaning and hey, it’s actually a machine wash sheepskin rug! That’s incredibly convenient if you want to keep sheep rugs in its good and/or mint condition. Proper care of cleaning and washing can definitely make this rug last a very long time, no doubt about that.


Best of all, it surprisingly a cheap sheepskin rug (check price), compared to other brands and types and actually lives up to its name. I was utterly surprised, I got mine on sale but generally it’s quite well priced year round. From a rating of 10 to 1, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, this rug definitely scores a perfect 10 from me.

To end this review, this rug is definitely perfect for me because of the reasons I stated above. It is comfortable, stylish and economically sound. It would definitely be a great idea if you get one for your home today!

Buy Now + Free Shipping: Click Here

Safavieh California Shag Collection Rug

Best Selling Rug: The Safavieh California Shag Collection Rug

From the UK or Europe? Buy Here


Round Safavieh RugThere are a lot of factors that made me purchase this Safavieh rug (you have to read more of my funny story as to how I came about buying this rug below, it’s pretty hilarious).

Aside from this particular brand, Safavieh, being around for almost a century of nothing but pure quality shag area rugs, aswell as unpresented level of style that no other brand can match, the shag area rug that I purchased is probably the longest lasting rug I have ever bought in my entire life (coming from me, that is a big statement).

It isn’t slowly falling off yet and with constant cleaning and proper maintenance, this plush rug looks good as new! Definitely worth every dollar I have ever spent it on.

If we’re going to talk about the texture, oh this luxury rug just wins it. It is really is a bit ticklish on the toes when you try to run your foot gently over it (tee-hee!). Since I placed this shag pile rug in my bedroom, I placed it on the extra space where I place my television in.

Whenever I just wanna chill out with my kids sometimes and watch a movie in front of my television, we wanted to go ‘in-formal’ sometimes. We would just place some pillows and a blanket Safavieh rug and we would relax and cuddle up there, it is super comfy (I recommend trying it, that’s once you buy one, of course!). I most definitely am talking about heaven. It really takes all the day’s stresses away.

Another thing I liked about this rug is their wide selection of different colors (view all colors here), so I am most certain that you can find one that can suit your home.

Do you have a hardwood floor? A white shag rug or beige rug or even green shag rug might be suitable for you. If you have a marble floor, no problem! You can use a black shag rug, gray shag rug, ivory shag rug, white shag rugs or even a teal shag rug or red shag rug for a pop of color!

From the UK or Europe? Buy Here

All the colors of these Safavieh area rugs compliment all types of floors.

I got a purple shag rug for my house, despite it being a hardwood floor because I like purple. It represents royalty because whenever I am at home, I am the queen!

Next in line for me is the white shag area rug and I much like the round shag rug shown in the image above, I think that will go perfect under my coffee table.

Why I Decided on a Safavieh Rug For My Bedroom?

If you’ve ever seen and tuned to Breaking Bad in AMC, you might have heard of Ted Beneke. He’s just a small supporting role in a story. Anywho, a background on Ted: his company pretty much takes care of textiles and fabrics so, rugs are included. Walter White’s wife, Skyler White, had an affair with Ted which White AKA Heisenberg learns of and decides to investigate it. Anyway, after some unfortunate series of events, Ted Beneke tripped into a rug which left him paralyzed. The rug he tripped on isn’t this type of rug. The rug we have here today is where Skyler enjoyed the texture so much she played her feet on it. I had the brilliant idea of owning such a rug myself because gosh darn it, I wanted to sink my toes into whatever comfort she had.

Purple Safavieh Shag RugThey really didn’t specify what kind of rug it was but by the looks of it, I thought it was a Shag rug. So I scouted the for the rug online, finding the color that I preferred the most – which was a purple shag rug – and finally landed on this glorious shaggy rug which I immediately placed on my bedroom floor.

Oh, before I forget, my rug is most certainly perfect for houses with plenty of space. It measures 8 feet by 10. 8 feet by 10 feet of pure awesomeness. Definitely worth every buck you can spend. You can get it it many sizes and styles (view all sizes and styles here)

So? What are you waiting for? You can definitely enjoy this rug today by purchasing one!

From the UK or Europe? Buy Here

New City Contemporary Brown and Beige Modern Wavy Circles Area Rug

New City Contemporary Area Rug : Buy the 8′ x 10′ Rug Now!

From the UK or Europe? Buy Here

Why does this rug make me think of the 70′s? Oh, it’s maybe because of the circular pattern and cool, earthly colors…but mainly because of the patterns. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular and highest selling of all the living room rugs, many customers buy. It has a earthy tone that suits a majority of households.

#1 feature about this New City Rug is that it’s conveniently stain-proof. Just in case you accidentally spill coffee, chocolate or wine, you won’t go much into the trouble of trying to clean the stain of (also perfect if you have pets!).

#2 feature about the New City Rug is that’s its looks beautiful at an affordable price.

#3 feature about the New City Rug is that is not too heavy and not too light. Rugs are usually sort of heavy most especially when wet. I’m a bit of a clumsy person and I’ve had my share of spills here and there and believe me, getting nasty and hard stains off is pretty tough, time consuming and oftentimes frustrating. I guess I’ll say goodbye now that my new rug is stain-proof!

One of the Best Selling Rugs online!

One of the Best Selling Rugs online!

I mainly chose to purchase this rug because of the color theme of my home: brown and white. It looks really cool in the eyes and not too bright. Since I spend a lot of time reading, writing and working in my computer, I feel that a dimly lit environment is for me so it wouldn’t strain my eyes which then led me to buying house stuff – from furniture to appliances – in the tones of white and brown. And this rug certainly is a great fit for that type of color theme, or if you just have a hardwood floor, really. This would look perfectly great for any home that features that.

What’s best about this rug is that it comes in a variety of sizes so you can basically just choose whatever size would suit your house well, compared to Flokati rugs that would require some more than adequate house space due to its size.

New City Contemporary Modern Wavy Circles Area Rug : View Sizes Available

From the UK or Europe? Buy Here

Available in 9 shapes in sizes, click here to view all size.

Another thing that I liked about this rug is that it doesn’t easily come off and doesn’t slip right away in case you step on it and well…slipped. This rug is neither too thin nor too thick (which is absolutely great!). I guess whatever floor you have, as long as the colors fit well in the motif of your home, should do fine.

I also like that this rug is incredibly easy to clean and to vacuum since it isn’t too fluffy or too ‘hairy’ is doesn’t shed too much nor does it get too dirty right away because it isn’t bright colored (for more rug cleaning ideas, click here). I specifically placed this rug on my living room to give it a cozy look and I also do want that kind of look in my home that isn’t too traditional or too modern. I blissfully adore this product because of its unspeakable convenience, especially to a person like me.

But, all in all, I don’t think I haven’t been to the best part yet. This rug is not expensive. That is pretty much the first thing we consider in buying something, right? Well, if you can spare some dollars for a 5 feet by 8 feet rug that looks contemporary, stain-proof, isn’t too slippery, low maintenance and made from Turkey, I guess you’d enjoy this product as much I did!


The A-Z Of Rugs: Everything You Need To Know About Buying a Rug

So how much is there to know about rugs? A lot. Who would have thought that a flat piece of material on the floor would lead me to write over 1,600 words? Well, coming from a rug expert such as myself, writing so many words about the different types of rugs you can buy to furnish and decorate your home, really, it wasn’t that difficult at all.

Most of us have an area rug in our home but what does an area rug even mean exactly? Are we even calling it by the right name, are we looking to buy a rug but we are searching online to buy the right or wrong rug?

Below you will read everything you’ve ever wanted to know about rugs and things you didn’t even know but you want to know, about rugs.

Whether you are interested in buying a wool rug, sheep skin rug, natural rug or any other rug for that matter, scroll down the page to find more information for the rug of your choice.

Rug Cleaning Products

If you are regular reader of this blog, you would already be aware that I was a professional rug cleaner. If you are new to this blog, my background has been, 9 years in a rug cleaning business. If you want to know more about me, head over to my ‘Who’s The RugCritic’ page. The reason why I am saying this is because for 9+ years I have specialized in rug and carpet cleaning. Over 9+ years, the #1 question or ‘Christine please help’ that I get is, “What are the best rug and carpet cleaning products around?”.

If I was negligent and didn’t care, I could refer you to your local store to buy any old commercially available rug cleaner, because some do actually work. But, I’ve been in rug cleaning for way to many years and I know what rug cleaning products are made from and they aren’t very healthy for you to use nor are they healthy for your children and pets to be sitting on the rugs/carpets that have had harsh chemicals on them.

I am a mother and I have a family with pets and also a husband that fell ill. I ONLY recommend products that I have personally used and that are 100% safe to use around your family (including babies) and pets.

These products are non-toxic, non-harsh, easy to use, work a breeze and are made from organic materials and are used by health conscious rug cleaning professionals (like I am).

This is the only brand of rug and carpet cleaning products I use and recommend (especially if you have kids/pets around your home).

This is where you can purchase the products: Official Website

These are the only products you need (I advise 1 Gallon quantity of each)

  1. For a Rug/Carpet Protector (to avoid stains penetrating deep into your rug or carpet) *Highly Recommended - Carpet Armour (1 Gallon) (White Label)
  2. To remove tough stains (such as pet stains etc) and odors *Highly Recommended - Spoterizer  (1 Gallon) (Brown Label)
  3. For regular (monthly or quarterly) rug or carpet maintenance, cleaning and stain removing *Highly Recommend – Extract Attack (1 Gallon/5 Gallon) (Purple Label)
  4. So at a minimum, you will need, Carpet Armour, Spoterizer and Extract Attack
  5. To view all products, click here
  6. For more information, you can read my Rug Cleaning and Care article

Types of Rugs

There are many different types of rugs but most will fall into the categories of area rugs, kitchen rugs, bedroom rugs, living room rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs, stair runners, and bathroom rugs.

Rugs have many different purposes and you will be surprised to find out how versatile rugs can actually be.

Rugs have many different purposes and you will be surprised to find out how versatile rugs can actually be.

Area rugs are defined as being a rug that covers only part of a floor. In the category of area rugs there are several types to look at. There are handmade rugs and machine made rugs, natural fibers and materials and synthetic rugs and they all have characteristics that will make them stand out in a crowd.

Hand Made v Machine Made Rugs

As far as handmade and machine made rugs go, they are pretty self-explanatory. Handmade rugs are made by a person while a machine made rug is made by a machine and are more widely produced.

A handmade rug that has recently caught my eye lately is this handmade felt ball rug. You can use it just about anywhere in the house and it also comes in colorful versions for kids. A beautiful hand made rug that is different and super comfy for the house.


These new handmade felt ball rugs come in a variety of sizes and can be used all over the home.

As you can see above, handmade rugs are more unique and known to be more of a custom made rug, since it’s nearly impossible for you to make something completely identical by hand and every person will make their rug in a different manner than another.

You will more often than not find that handmade rugs are made from more organic, safer materials compared to machine made rugs as they are produced at greater quantities.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Now, we can discuss natural fibers in rugs. What do you think of when you think of natural rugs? Sheepskin? Bamboo? Okay, what about Cow Skin?

The possibilities are astonishing when you think of how many choices you have in a rug before even having to consider buying an artificial synthetic fiber rug. Sea grass rugs are also a popular choice.

Below I will list the natural fibers most commonly used to make rugs.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are a popular choice for areas of high traffic because they are fairly resistant to stains and repel water well. A wool living room rug is pretty soft and feel nice under your feet but should not be used in an area of high humidity as they absorb it up and essentially break down because of it. Wool rugs are great for any room of the house, they are a light weight rug without being too heavy but still a nice fluffy rug for your toes.

Morrocon Souk Wool Rug

In love with this super fashionable, modern and soft Moroccan Souk Wool Rug. It’s 100% high pile and comes in a variety of sizes.

Many people choose a wool rug for the nursery, hallways or living room, where durability and stain resistance are of the most importance. Got a pet? Wool is also a great pet friendly rug. Read more of other things to look out for when buying a rug suitable for households with pets here.

Sea Grass Rugs, Jute Rugs and Sisal Rugs

The great thing about these rugs are that they are made of natural plant fibers and are overall pretty strong rugs to buy and are a pretty light rug too. The new fashion trend this year is to layer any seagrass rug, jute rug or sisal rugs with other rugs around the home, they are modern and affordable and add that little extra detail. People often buy seagrass rugs to make a room look more vintage style.


New fashion trend alert: Seagrass and Jute rugs are the new in thing when it comes to rug decor.

These rugs also shouldn’t be used in a humid area but work great for those with homes by the beach. Sea grass is one of the more appealing of the three as it is more pliable and feels better on the feet as it’s not very scratchy. Seagrass rugs are also one of the go to rugs to buy if you have a pet (read more on pet friendly rugs).

Sea grass rugs are also pretty easy to clean. Jute rugs are more firm and rough, not very comfortable and wouldn’t be ideal as a rug for a child or anywhere that you will be barefoot often. Sisal rugs are soft, durable and easy to dye and is a good choice for a bedroom.

Coir Rugs

Coir is made from coconut husks and is rather coarse and not as comfortable to walk on. It does give a nice rustic feel when used in decorating. Coir rugs are traditionally used as outdoor rugs and doormats but with the growing trend to bring the outdoor rugs inside, coir rugs are having the space in many people’s living rooms.

Coir rugs are durable enough to use in high traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms. Coir needs to be kept dry as it can fall apart and be destroyed easily by excessive moisture and can be discolored easily by spills.

Sheep Skin Rugs

Sheep skin rugs are very soft and plush. They also make wonderful decorations both on and off the floor. It is very common to find a sheep skin rug in a nursery or child’s bedroom, in fact if you were to ask my opinion, a sheepskin rug is one of the safest, most non-toxic and organic as a nursery or kids room rug (not to mention the most appealing and fashionable to finish off the look of the nursery room). Read more about nursery or kids rugs here.


Sheepskin rugs come in a variety of colors and sizes. A white sheepskin rug becomes a staple rug for many homes, in living rooms and bedrooms. However, a color alternative in grey isn’t so bad, isn’t it?!

They not only have their place in baby rooms, nursery and kids rooms, many adults use sheepskin rugs to place beside their beds or layer them in the living room areas aswell.

Sheepskin rugs are durable and don’t stain too easily. Sheep skin rugs are also a great rug for people who have allergies as they don’t build up dust as much as some other fibers (best rug for allergy sufferers).

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs aren’t like most rugs. In fact, they’re very different, and that is why I have bought an affordable bamboo rug myself. Just like the Seagrass and Jute rugs, Bamboo rugs are a new rug fashion trend that provide a clean and uncluttered look.

Bamboo rugs give a clean, modern and streamlined look in any living area of the house.

Bamboo rugs give a clean, modern and streamlined look in any living area of the house. They are very cheap and easy to clean. I would suggest buying one for warmer months of the year.

They won’t offer softness or cushiony plush under your toes but a bamboo rug is basically a wooden mat placed over an area, layered with other rugs to make your house look modern and clean cut. Bamboo rugs are also another must buy rug for anyone that has allergies. Lots of people like the way bamboo rugs look over tile, giving a more hardwood floor look. These rugs are also very durable and can last a long time even in higher traffic areas; and of course they are easy to clean. Sweep and wipe clean.

Cotton Rugs

You’ve seen them but probably haven’t noticed that the rug is made out of cotton. Cotton rugs are most often that flat pile rugs that are in a lot of kitchens. Above all, cotton rugs can sure take a beating. They’re durable and inexpensive with one of the only major downsides being that they are dirt magnets. Taking them outside and beating them can help with that, or using the vacuum on them. Cotton rugs are also pretty soft and can be cut in whatever shape and size desired.

Leather Rugs

Cow skin rugs, deer pelt rugs, bear skin rugs, if you can skin it there’s probably been a rug made from it at some point. These leather type rugs are very unique and offer a rustic feel to any area.

I personally love Cow Skin rugs. They are simple, elegant, light weight and can be layered like this picture with a Seagrass or Jute Rug underneath (remember how I said Seagrass was the new fashion trend above?)

I personally love Cow Skin rugs. They are simple, elegant, light weight and can be layered like this picture with a Seagrass or Jute Rug underneath (remember how I said Seagrass was the new fashion trend above?)

Some even use the skin rugs as a blanket as they are pretty warm. Depending on the animal, your rug could potentially be very soft. Sometimes, the strips of leather can be strung together to mimic the look of a shag rug. Leather rugs shouldn’t be kept in humid areas as this can damage the preservation of the skin or hide.

Silk Rugs

A Silk rug is a beautiful and luxurious option of natural fibered rugs. They are tear resistant and feel great on the skin. Silk rugs make excellent additions to bedrooms, however, they aren’t going to last as long as a wool rug since they lack durability and are very sensitive to moisture. Silk rugs are expensive and would be recommended for the bedroom of an adult so it can be properly cared for and has less chance of being destroyed, however if you buy your silk rug online you may be able to find more affordable options.

Chenille Rugs

A Chenille rug is a thick and heavy twisted yarn into a super soft and plush pile. These rugs are made to imitate the look and softness of silk and are great to use as a baby rug who will need a cozy spot to play and be on their bellies. With its softness, a chenille rug wouldn’t be recommended for an area of high traffic, but rather as a nice soft place to sit and enjoy how soft and plush it is.

Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic or manmade fiber rugs are commonly used to make rugs. While they aren’t for the naturalist, but they are still a very affordable rug to buy for the home, often one of the cheapest rugs to buy online. These rugs can be made to be stain resistant, waterproof, soft, rough, and even for as indoor and outdoor rug. The most common synthetic fibers used to make rugs are listed below.

Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Acrylic Yarn Rugs

Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic and Olefin rugs are made to have a similar look to wool rugs. They are also rugs that are easy to clean and care for aswell as being very durable. They can also resist stains and handle heavy traffic areas. Synthetic rugs are cheaper imitations of natural fiber rugs and are easy to replace and change style in a room.

Heard of an Olefin rug, well this is what one looks like

Heard of an Olefin rug? This is what a rug made from Olefin looks like.

However, since they are not the real deal, you can’t expect the same feel as natural fiber rugs. You wouldn’t be needing to worry about taking these rugs to the dry cleaner for a simple clean up or even a major clean up, if something happens it’s much simpler to just replace. Synthetic fiber rugs are versatile and can be used in just about every room of the house without any issue.

Polypropylene Rugs

If you’ve never heard the name, you’ve heard the use. Polypropylene is the material that indoor/outdoor rugs are made of. These rugs are, as you can expect, very durable and able to take what life throws their way.

Shag rugs are an example of a polyprophylene rug.

Shag rugs are an example of a polyprophylene rug.

Rugs made our of Polypropylene are less bulky than nylon and can be crushed down over time but are an excellent choice for dining rooms, living rooms or general area rugs, as they are easy to clean, and are the most stain resistant and fade resistant rugs out there. These rugs aren’t just great for the dining room, but also for the children’s play room, where their strength can really be appreciated.

Bathroom Rugs

Most bathroom rugs are made entirely out of synthetic fibers so that they can withstand the humidity and moisture they will be subjected to. Kitchen rugs are commonly bathroom rugs but they don’t have to be!

Oriental Rugs

Those expensive oriental rugs, are rugs that are made in the eastern part of the world. They are very delicate and are most commonly woven by hand, some with and without pile. These rugs require special care and are not suggested for rooms where people will be walking all over them as this can damage them and make them lose their value and beauty.

Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs are expensive hand woven rugs made of natural fibers found in the area they are from. Although a little pricier, they are becoming a huge trend in many countries.

Love color and want to spend a little more on a quality rug, maybe consider a Gabbeh rug

Love color and want to spend a little more on a quality rug, maybe consider a Gabbeh rug

These rugs are also commonly known as Persian rugs. There are many cheap imitations of these rugs dyed with chemicals and are usually made of cotton.

Runner Rugs (Hallway Rugs)

The rugs that you see on stairs or going down a hallway are runners. These rugs can vary in the materials they are made from and are made to high light an area and give a softer feel and traction as well.

Faux Fur Rugs

Faux fur rugs are made to look like the natural fibered rugs that are from animal hides, however, these rugs are made from synthetic materials, often dyed and are much less expensive and much less unique than actual fur rugs.

Rug Critic Final Word

With all the information about how many different rugs there are, it’s time to get decorating. Find the best household rug for you, this means finding the rug materials and type of rug you are looking for in your space, buy it and get started. There’s no rules outside of the basic rug cleaning and care instructions.

Do you want a wood themed bathroom? Then you go ahead and put that bamboo rug in there! Do you like the look and feel of cotton for the laundry room? Go ahead and put that in there then.

Rugs can be found in most any shape, size and color or pattern so you’re sure to find one that suits your personal style and tastes.


How To Buy a Nursery & Kids Rug

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Ah, the nursery. The room specially made for your child. It’s an exciting time setting it up and getting ready for your baby, but it can also be kind of stressful. There are so many decisions to make and so many options out there to choose from.

With all the different information out there on what is best for your baby and their nursery, it’s hard to make a choice, let alone choose the most safe, baby friendly and non-toxic rug out there to suit your baby’s needs. There isn’t any room for error, after all.


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The products I use (I’ve been using them for years) get out the most toughest of stains and odors (especially from children).

If I was negligent and didn’t care, I could refer you to your local store to buy any old commercially available rug cleaner, because some do actually work. But, I’ve been in rug cleaning for way to many years and I know what rug cleaning products are made from and they aren’t very healthy for you to use nor are they healthy for your children and pets to be sitting on the rugs/carpets that have had harsh chemicals on them.

I am a mother and I have a family with pets and also a husband that fell ill. I ONLY recommend products that I have personally used and that are 100% safe to use around your family (including babies) and pets.

These products are organic, non-toxic, non-harsh, easy to use, work a breeze and are made from organic materials and are used by health conscious rug cleaning professionals (like I am).

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The Nursery Rug Dilemma

Safe-Rugs-For-NurserySomething so simple, like the floor even comes with some hard choices. Should I put an area rug in the nursery or no rug at all? Can I have one with carpet or would it look tacky? Should I buy a nursery rug with natural or synthetic fibers?

Feel like pulling out your hair yet? Don’t.

This nursery and kids rug guide will help you eliminate the confusion from picking a rug for the nursery. That final touch to tie it together won’t be difficult.

Do I Need a Rug For The Nursery?

Beautiful-Nursery-RugsSimply put, yes, it should be one of those items that’s on the ‘nursery to do list’. If you want a safe, baby friendly and complete nursery, all rooms should have one.

When you have a newborn, they will be spending most of their time in your arms, but when they are a little bigger, tummy time becomes very important. Of course you could just put a blanket down on the floor and pick it back up again every single time you want baby on the floor, but that’s not very convenient, not to mention safe, clean or comfortable for your baby.

As your baby gets older and spends more time playing on the floor, it’s going to become more and more essential for them to have a soft, clean, safe, area to play. And let’s not forget about design. A baby room rug can really tie the room together and give clean defining lines so it doesn’t seem like everything is just hanging around. Nursery room rugs are also great for that pop of color that hardwood, tile, or carpeted floors just don’t have.

You’re probably wondering, why would I put a rug on carpet? The options for baby friendly rugs add an extra measure of safety when baby is playing on the floor. Most carpets are made of synthetic fibers and they can contain toxic chemicals. Having a barrier between your baby and those chemicals is better overall for the health of your little one.

What Materials Should I be Looking for in a Baby Rug?

Nursery-Baby-RugsEverywhere you go there are going to be rugs made of synthetic fibers with cute little baby patterns on them so you will get the impression that they are perfect for the nursery or as baby room rugs, they do serve their purpose, however, wool rugs and other natural fibers are going to be your best bet, if you want the safest rug for your baby. (Read more about the different types of rugs and what materials are in each rug here – The A-Z Of Rugs).

Wool/sisal rugs are also a great option since the wool will have the softness to balance out the roughness of the sisal. Another benefit is that wool/sisal rugs are naturally flame resistant, antibacterial, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic (important things you should consider when looking for rugs for nursery). Wool is also very easy to clean (read here for rug cleaning & care). While, natural fibers are a little more expensive than synthetic fibers, they are healthier and safer for your baby and their health.

Some More Tips When Buying a Baby / Nursery / Kids Rug

Buying a child friendly/baby friendly rug is an investment in the future, it will probably be a little bit pricey when you find the one that works for you. If you plan on sticking natural, make sure you don’t buy anything that has been treated with a stain resistant chemical as these chemicals aren’t exactly safe for your child.

100% Natural Cotton Rugs for Kids: View Here

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Unisex-Nursery-RugsGo for Non-Toxic Nursery Rugs

The best option for a baby safe rug or rugs for kids rooms is a non-toxic rug. You should also keep in mind the density of the rug. The higher the density or how tightly the weave of it is, the better it will wear and as a result the longer it will last.

You can test this out by trying to wiggle your fingers to the bottom of the rug, the more difficult it is, the denser it is. Check out the twist of the rug, or how many yarn spirals it has. This will make the rug more durable and will likely increase the price a little bit.

Hand Made Nursery Rugs v Machine Made Rugs

Sheepskin-Nursery-RugsWhen it comes to buying the best baby rugs, you may also want to think about if you prefer a handmade rug or a machine made rug. Handmade nursery rugs tend to be more expensive but are more often than not better quality.

Because of the expense of the rug, you will want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. They are of course high quality, but they aren’t always higher quality than machine made rugs, so if you are wanting a handmade rug make sure you keep in mind the comparison between it and a similar rug that is machine made.

Learning Nursery Rugs/Carpets

road-carpetAnother type of kid rugs that is extremely popular is learning rugs or playroom rugs. These type of rugs or carpets can look fantastic in the nursery or play room and at the same time they educate and keep your child entertained without the need for extra toys. Learning rugs or kids area rugs have a wide range of styles such as roads and cities, world maps, hopscotch and the list goes on (check out all the different styles here). The one that is the most popular by far is the roads and cities carpet (shown below). These type of playroom rugs will keep your child occupied for hours!

Learning Rugs: View Most Popular Here

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Most of these carpets are made from 100% Nylon and are soil and stain resistant. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas so you wont have to keep it inside if you want your child to play outside. The best part is that they are easy to wash and quite durable.

RugCritic’s Preference For Nursery Rugs

When it comes to natural materials in a nursery room rug, my personal preference is a sheep skin rug (view it here).

Sheep Skin Nursery Rug

In the nursery or your children’s room, you can’t go wrong with a sheep skin rug. Click here to view all sheepskin rugs.

Why do I love baby sheepskin rugs in the nursery so much? Here’s why.

A baby sheepskin rug is soft to the touch and they offer plenty of cushion, they are breathable and they are washable! That’s right, it will keeps= its softness after you put it in the wash.

Sheep skin rugs are rather durable and they naturally resist spills from the lanolin they contain, it’s very simple to just wipe up any spill that may happen. They are also a healthful option as they naturally repel allergens and bacteria. Sheepskin rugs are really one of the better options (if not, the best baby rug) or a nursery rug.

A good nursery rug is one of the most important items you can have in your nursery room to make it beautiful and a healthy environment for your child

RugCritic’s Advice

With these tips in mind and with a few rugs for baby room to choose from, you will be able to make a decision more easily about the type of rug you want for the nursery or what type of kids play rug you will place in your kids room or playroom.

One thing to remember is that a good quality nursery rug or kid rugs will make your nursery room or kids room look vibrant and modern, which will have a positive effect on your child’s well-being.

There’s no questions unanswered about natural fibers versus synthetic fibers, or what qualities your rug should have in order for it to be the best fit for your nursery.

You not only add style but also safety and comfort by just simply adding an area rug that is child and baby friendly to the nursery or room.

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