9 Ways to Clean and Maintain Jute Rugs: A Complete Guide

A jute rug is a great choice for homes that need something durable and stylish. Jute rugs are woven by hand with natural fibers such as sisal or coir yarns to create a beautiful texture using intricate patterns.

However, those beautiful textures often attract dirt and stains over time, not to mention it’s hard to remove odors from fabric.

Don’t worry, though – I’m here to help you through this process of cleaning and maintaining your jute rug so it will stay looking its best year after year.

Spills Happen… But Don’t Have to Stain

Here at RugCritic, we know how frustrating it can be when you find a stain on your rug.

Spills and accidents happen.

Luckily there are some simple things you can do to help remove stains from jute rugs. With the right home remedies for cleaning jute rugs, as well as knowing what type of detergent to use, you can get your jute rug looking good as new in no time.

Let’s start with some of the best home remedies for how to clean a jute rug. When cleaning any type of fabric, it is essential that you do not stretch or pull on the fibers when wet due to the increased risk of shrinkage and stretching.

Can You Get Jute Rugs Wet?

Eco-friendly jute rug.

Yes, it is okay to get jute rugs wet. However, when you do, use the proper detergent and handle them carefully to last a long time.

The best way to clean any rug or fabric, in general, is by using cold water and mild detergents. Jute rugs can be washed with regular laundry detergent and cold water. Make sure to mix the detergent in a bucket before adding it to your washer for best results.

TIP: Always make sure that you never wring or twist any type of rug or fabric when wet, as this will cause shrinkage and damage.

Here are some more tips on how to clean jute.

What to Do if There Is a Water Stain on Your Rug

If you happen to get any water on your jute rug, make sure to dry it with a towel. If the stain does not come off of the rug after blotting with a towel, try putting some salt over the area and let is sit for about 30 minutes. After this time has passed, vacuum up all of the salt, and the stain should be gone.

TIP: It is important to remember that water stains on jute rugs can often turn into a yellowish color. If this happens, you need only wash the area with cold water and detergent, as stated above. The soap will help lift out any dirt or debris from being trapped in that particular area.

How to Remove Stains from a Jute Rug

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning jute rugs is best done by using a slightly abrasive sponge and cold water. Mix the mild detergent in a bucket with cold water before dipping your sponge into it.

Gently dab at any stains or spills on the rug to remove dirt, debris, and bacteria. Never scrub too hard, as you can cause damage to the fibers of your rug.

After you have finished spot cleaning, let it air dry on a towel so that any excess moisture is soaked up and does not cause damage to your jute rug. You can also place another towel over the top if need be for a faster drying time.

TIP: When using abrasive sponges, make sure to test in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it does not cause any damage.

How to Clean Pet Urine Stains

Pet-friendly jute rug.

Let’s face it. Pets can be a lot of work, but they are part of the family. Unfortunately, pets often have accidents around the house and sometimes those accidents land on your beautiful jute rug. If this happens, you want to make sure that you clean up as much as possible right away so that bacteria cannot set in and cause any damage.

To remove any urine stains from jute rugs:

  • Try using white vinegar and baking soda with hot water.
  • Blot with cold water after you have finished cleaning.
  • Never rub or scrub as this will cause damage to the fibers of your rug.

TIP: If you do not have white vinegar at home, many other natural products, such as lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide, can be combined for an effective stain remover.

After you are finished spot cleaning any stains that may be left, let it air dry and do not rub or blot as this will cause damage.

TIP: If you have a lot of pet stains on your rug, we recommend that you go over the areas with hydrogen peroxide before applying baking soda and white vinegar to clean those tough spots.

Removing Red Wine Stains

Red wine can be a pain when it comes to removing stains from fabric. Luckily jute rugs are fairly easy to spot clean and there is no need for any harsh chemicals.

TIP: I recommend that you always use cold water when attempting to remove red wine because hot water will only cause the stain to set in further.

The best way to remove red wine stains from jute rugs is by using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Mix these two ingredients in equal parts before applying the mixture directly over top of the stained area. After you have applied, let it sit for 30 minutes before blotting with a clean towel.

How to Clean Jute Rugs with a Dry Cleaning Powder

Dry cleaning powder is a great way to keep your jute rugs clean between deep cleans. We recommend that you use the non-scented green bar of soap as it will not cause any damage if accidentally licked by a pet.

TIP: It’s always a good idea to test in an inconspicuous area before applying any cleaning products to ensure that there is no damage.

To clean your jute rug with a dry cleaning powder:

  1. Grab a towel and rub the bar of soap all over.
  2. Make sure not to use too much pressure as this may cause damage.
  3. Once you have finished applying the soap, let it sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming up the powder.

TIP: It’s important to note that you should never use a beater bar on your jute rug as it can cause excessive wear and tear. If you have carpet, turn off the beater bar so that only the suction is being used for cleaning purposes.

NOTE: You will want to stay away from any dry cleaning powder with any harsh chemicals or fragrances.

TIP: It’s always a good idea to place your jute rug in an area where it is easily accessible for pets so accidents can be cleaned up quickly.

How to Clean Up After Pet Accidents

Accidents happen.

Luckily jute rugs are easy to spot clean. Ensure that you always have hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and distilled white vinegar on hand so that accidents can be cleaned up quickly with minimal damage.

For smaller spots, it’s best to use a wet rag or towel before applying any of the above ingredients.

If your jute rug has a lot of pet stains and needs a deep clean, we recommend that you use hydrogen peroxide before applying baking soda and white vinegar to ensure that all tough spots are cleaned up.

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When cleaning large areas, it’s best to dilute the ingredients with hot water in equal parts to save time.

Do not rub or blot in any areas when attempting to clean up after your pet. This will cause damage and excessive wear and tear on the fibers of your jute rug.

How to Clean the Border of a Jute Rug?

A jute rug has a thick border. This means that it can be hard to clean the edge of your jute rug, especially if you are not regularly cleaning your entire floor surface. However, there are certain ways of how to maintain and remove stains from the edges of your jute rugs.

  • Use a cloth to rub off the dirt from the edge of your jute rug.
  • Clean gently using water and soap on an old toothbrush or another soft tool.
  • For stubborn stains, use hydrogen peroxide as it helps remove tough spots without causing damage.

Do not use a lot of water when you clean jute rugs. Instead, make sure to rub the rug gently and rinse with cold water.

Make sure that your vacuum cleaner has no bristles, as they will damage the surface of your jute rug or cause it to unravel.

How to Remove Odors?

Jute rugs can develop a moldy smell. If you want to remove the odor from your jute rug, then use these methods.

Good old Baking Soda

How to Clean a Rug With Baking Soda?

Baking soda is a natural odor absorber.

Just sprinkle baking soda on your jute rug and leave it for about an hour before vacuuming it up thoroughly. You can also mix the powder with some tea leaves or coffee grounds to make the solution more effective.

How do you use baking soda?

Baking soda can also be used to clean your jute rug. Mix some baking soda with water and use the mixture on your jute rug by scrubbing it gently. Let it dry before vacuuming up all of the residues.

Read my complete guide on how to clean rugs with baking soda.

Nothing better than the Sun

You can also use the sun to eliminate odors from your jute rug.

Spread out your jute rug during sunny days and leave it there until all of the humidity has evaporated. This will prevent mold growth, which is one of the main reasons why rugs start smelling bad.

Use air fresheners

There are plenty of air fresheners that will help to remove the smell from your jute rug.

Just be sure not to use too much as this can damage your jute rug over time.

How do you apply an air freshener?

You just need a few sprays and it should get rid of any bad odors. However, it is recommended that you test the spray on a small section of your jute rug first to see how it reacts before applying it all over.

When Should You Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Benefits Offered by Professional Rug Cleaning Services.

If you are not comfortable cleaning your jute rug, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the job. They will know how to properly clean and maintain your jute rugs so that they last for longer.

The average cost of a cleaning service is about $75.

The average number of times that a jute rug should be cleaned each year is twice per year.

This means you only have to clean it every six months.

How to Maintain Jute Rugs

How to Maintain Jute Rugs.

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming your jute rug is essential to maintaining it.

It will help remove any dirt, dust, or debris collected on top of the fibers and prevent them from being rubbed into those fibers. This can cause the carpet to shed prematurely, making vacuuming a crucial part of maintaining a jute rug.

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Make sure to vacuum your jute rug once every week.

If there is a lot of traffic in the room where you have your jute rugs then it may need more than one cleaning per week.

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Apply Light Dampening

You can apply light dampening to your jute rug if there is a lot of dust and dirt on it.

However, you should only do this once every three months as over-dampening the fibers will cause them to shed prematurely. The most efficient way how-to apply light dampening is by using a spray bottle.

Just add about a cup of water and mix it with some mild detergent.

Use the mixture to dampen your jute rug and leave it there for an hour before you vacuum everything up thoroughly. You should only do this once every three months as over-dampening the fibers will cause them to shed prematurely.

Use a Fabric Protector

There are also fabric protectors available that you can use on your jute rug.

Fabric protector will prevent those fibers from shedding prematurely and it will help to repel stains as well as eliminate odors. Just be sure not to over-apply the product so that it does not stain or discolor your rugs.

Treat Curled Rug Corners

If your jute rug has curled corners, then you should use a hairdryer to heat it up.

Just be sure not to overheat the corners as this can damage them and leave permanent creases on those carpet areas. Once heated enough, gently bend the corner back into place by hand or with some pliers.

You may need to do this several times before the corner stays in place by itself.

This is how you can prevent jute rug corners from curling up again.


Can Jute Rugs Get Wet?

The short answer is yes; jute rugs can get wet.

However, you should not use a hose to clean it as this can cause the fibers to become brittle and break over time, leaving your rug looking worn out and old very quickly. It might be best to hire a professional dry cleaner instead of attempting to clean your jute rug with a hose.

Do Jute Rugs Shed?

Yes, jute rugs do shed, but this is a natural process.

It does not happen until you have had your rug for at least six months to a year. Shedding is the fibers of the carpet coming loose naturally and it will stop after they start becoming matted together with traffic on top of them.

Are Jute Rugs Good for Dogs?

Jute rugs are not good for dogs.

They can easily get snagged on sharp jute rug fibers, which will quickly ruin your carpet if you have a pet that is always in the room where it is located. If possible, keep pets off of your jute rugs completely or do not purchase an expensive one at all.

Are Jute Rugs Good for Allergies?

No, jute rugs are not good for people with allergies.

Those allergens can get stuck in the fibers of your rug, which will circulate them into the air every time you walk by it or sit on top of it. If you have many allergies, this can easily aggravate them and leave you feeling miserable all day long.

It might be best to purchase a natural fiber rug instead of jute for people with allergies.

Final Words on Cleaning Jute Rugs

In conclusion, cleaning a jute rug is not difficult. Your jute rug will serve you for a long time if cared properly.

Now that you know how to clean and maintain your jute rugs, it will be much easier for you to keep them clean and to smell fresh.

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