Natural Flokati Hand Woven Wool Rug

Are you looking for a great big rug for a great big space with a great big value? Look no more for I already have the answer!

It’s no coincidence that I love flokati rugs, they are one of my favorite rugs of all time. I’ve written about them previously and back by popular demand, I have another flokati rug that is extremely popular and a rug I recommend for just about anybody.

Flokati-Hand-Woven-RugsFrom the plains of a distant country in Oceania, New Zealand to be exact, comes the finest best quality wool for this shag rug and from the mountains of the Greeks, stems the production of each and every rug to be delivered right at your doorstep. Years after years of rug making tradition to provide you the greatest comfort, without compromising stylishness. Isn’t it simply amazing?

I absolutely loved this rug the moment it landed on my doorstep. Once I opened the box, there inside lies the fluffy and clean rug that is just absolutely great to touch. It actually smells pretty new, it has a hint of sheep in the smell once I opened it. I took it out of the box slowly and opened the folds. The size really did live up to it’s name! As I have mentioned, the feel is really fluffy and soft, it’s like touching the hair of a dog – and I really do mean it that way. This rug is high maintenance which I think is just right because you’d want to preserve the hair and its good condition for a few years. I named it ‘Fluffy’.


I did take care of this rug and, even though it sheds, it is still pretty complete. The rug itself is pretty gorgeous and would definitely would not fail to add a touch of class on every home it can possibly belong in. It doesn’t matter what color your house is or what your style maybe. This rug would definitely fit it all!

Since I did adore this rug very much, I bought a few more as gifts for my closest friends and family last Christmas. They did love the rug as well and already were using it. Whenever I get the time I visit their homes, I notice the rug I gave them and ask them about it sometime. No complaint from them whatsoever too. They adored the rug as much as I did.

I wish you’d consider buying this rug for your home as well as it adds life and luxury to every home!


Flokati Rugs

Flokati Rugs: To view the entire range of Flokati rugs including the different sizes, styles and colors available : Click Here

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Flokati rugs have a long and rich history with roots starting from the early years of the ancient Greek civilization, the fifth century to be exact. From good and trusted providers of warmth to dowries to give to the brides for marriage, the almighty Flokati has been through a lot and has been a part of history – to your household.

Flokati rugs are one of the most popular choices to place in your bedroom. Click image to get more details about the flokati rug featured.

Back in the era of the 1970s, or the retro era, Flokati rugs made its name by providing warmth, comfort and style to any household it might belong to. From the simplest, plainest monotonous design, to the loudest, vibrant and pattern Flokati rug, it has been part of the family for several generations. The Flokati rug is well-known for its comfortability and durability – given the proper care for the rug, of course.

Originally flokati rugs were pain-stakingly handcrafted in the Pindus Mountains in Greece where they were washed in the mountain’s waterfalls which made the once hard and rough yarn ends into fluffy wool and then dried out under the sun afterwards.


A popular choice in many households is to place a flokati rug in the living room. Click image to view the flokati rug featured.

Nowadays, flokati rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wool. Since the wool itself is undeniable of its high quality, it is naturally stain-proof.

The rug depends solely on your needs as there are many variations of different sizes and wool length on the market. Whether you like the rug itself small or large and long or short, it is manufactured in different sizes – and not to mention, in wide array of colors as well! But the most common one would be white, since it is its natural color and a common choice amongst buyers.

Flokati rugs are best used on areas that aren’t always stepped on or considerably ‘low-traffic’ because the rug itself sheds its hair and frequent friction might cause the hair to shed faster than it ought to be which would lead to the poor performance of the rug and it might affect its durability in the long run.

Click here to view all Flokati Rugs available in different sizes and colors.

Click here to view all Flokati Rugs available in different sizes and colors.

Flokati rugs are commonly used in bedrooms, most especially as a nursery room rug because people don’t go there often compared to ‘high-traffic’ rooms or where people regularly pass by such as the living room or the kitchen.

Diverse choices on brands of Flokati rugs are offered where good and trusted brands are making their name in the world market. From lavish and designer rugs, such as the Hand Woven Flokati White Shag Rug, to the simple Flokati Faux Fur Rugs, there’s an abundance of choice when it comes to Flokati rugs.

Depending on your needs, I am pretty sure the Flokati rug is well-suited for you or any home, plus they are one of the most appealing rugs inside your home (not to mention super comfy and lavish also)!

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Flokati Rugs: To view the entire range of Flokati rugs including the different sizes, styles and colors available : Click Here

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