Natural Flokati Hand Woven Wool Rug

Are you looking for a great big rug for a great big space with a great big value? Look no more for I already have the answer!

It’s no coincidence that I love flokati rugs, they are one of my favorite rugs of all time. I’ve written about them previously and back by popular demand, I have another flokati rug that is extremely popular and a rug I recommend for just about anybody.

Flokati-Hand-Woven-RugsFrom the plains of a distant country in Oceania, New Zealand to be exact, comes the finest best quality wool for this shag rug and from the mountains of the Greeks, stems the production of each and every rug to be delivered right at your doorstep. Years after years of rug making tradition to provide you the greatest comfort, without compromising stylishness. Isn’t it simply amazing?

I absolutely loved this rug the moment it landed on my doorstep. Once I opened the box, there inside lies the fluffy and clean rug that is just absolutely great to touch. It actually smells pretty new, it has a hint of sheep in the smell once I opened it. I took it out of the box slowly and opened the folds. The size really did live up to it’s name! As I have mentioned, the feel is really fluffy and soft, it’s like touching the hair of a dog – and I really do mean it that way. This rug is high maintenance which I think is just right because you’d want to preserve the hair and its good condition for a few years. I named it ‘Fluffy’.


I did take care of this rug and, even though it sheds, it is still pretty complete. The rug itself is pretty gorgeous and would definitely would not fail to add a touch of class on every home it can possibly belong in. It doesn’t matter what color your house is or what your style maybe. This rug would definitely fit it all!

Since I did adore this rug very much, I bought a few more as gifts for my closest friends and family last Christmas. They did love the rug as well and already were using it. Whenever I get the time I visit their homes, I notice the rug I gave them and ask them about it sometime. No complaint from them whatsoever too. They adored the rug as much as I did.

I wish you’d consider buying this rug for your home as well as it adds life and luxury to every home!

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