How to Clean a Fur Rug (Both Natural & Faux)

Fur rugs are luxurious and stylish, but they can be quite difficult to clean. It is important to take care of your fur rug to make sure it stays in perfect condition for years.

To help you with this task, we have created an article that tells you everything about how to clean a fur rug: sheepskin rugs, faux fur rugs.

You will learn when and how often you should vacuum your rug; what kind of cleaner you can use; the best way to dry it after washing. We also discuss maintenance tips so that you don’t need expensive professional cleaning services.

How to Clean a Natural Sheepskin Rug

Shake and Brush a Natural Sheepskin Rug

Beige Ivory Small Sheepskin Curly Fur Rug.

When it comes to how often you should do this, a good rule of thumb is at least once or twice a week.

If you have your natural sheepskin rug in the bedroom and use it daily, then we recommend doing so even more often.

We at RugCritic also advise you not to give up on brushing after one try if your brush isn’t getting any hair off the fur rug. Sometimes all that’s needed for better results is trying out another type of brush until you find one that works best for your particular situation. Also, make sure that there are no harsh chemicals that could damage the skin itself when choosing a cleaner.

Keep these tips in mind when caring for your natural sheepskin rugs, too – regular maintenance ensures they last longer.

Vacuum the Fur Rug

Vacuum a Faux Fur Rug.

You should vacuum the fur rug every few weeks, but if you have it in a high-traffic area and use it daily, then we recommend vacuuming at least once or twice a week.

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This is especially important for natural sheepskin rugs that are thicker than normal ones because they collect dust more easily, which can lead to allergies. Also, try not to be too rough with vacuuming – just gliding gently on top of it.

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Keep reading if you want to learn how long you need to dry your natural sheepskin after washing.

Spot Clean Stains on the Fur Rug Right Away

It is important to spot clean stains on the fur rug right away, do not wait around for them to set in and potentially damage your wool.

For this reason, we recommend keeping a bottle of stain remover like Vanish Gold handy at all times. Should you get any greasy spots on your natural sheepskin rugs (from cooking or pets), then it’s best to wipe them off with lukewarm water before using the stain remover solution as described below:

  • Dampen a cloth or paper towel in warm water and blot onto the spill until absorbed into the fibers.
  • Then spray some Vanish Gold Stain Remover over the top and let sit for five minutes before scrubbing gently with another damp cloth or sponge brush, then rinse with water.
  • You may need to repeat this process if the spill is particularly stubborn. You can also try spot cleaning with gentle dish soap like Dawn, but make sure it’s completely rinsed off before putting your rug in storage.

This will ensure that no residue remains, which could attract dirt and dust over time; you don’t want that on there after spending so much effort into keeping it clean.

Use Baking Soda to Reduce Odors

How to Clean a Rug With Baking Soda?

Another method for getting rid of stubborn odors on your natural sheepskin rug is to use baking soda.

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Simply sprinkle some onto the fur rug and let it sit overnight, then vacuum in the morning. It’s best to do this right before you plan to put your fur back into storage since baking soda can leave a white powder residue if left sitting out too long – which could get transferred onto other clothes or objects while being stored.

Read the Care Label Before Washing

Rug care label.

Before washing your fur rug, it’s important to check the care label first, as not all rugs can be washed or have different cleaning methods that you need to follow.

In most cases, a natural sheepskin rug should only be hand-washed and never put in a washer – especially one with an agitator. You don’t want anything rubbing against those suede fibers which could damage them beyond repair.

If there isn’t any care information on the tag, then we recommend doing a spot test first by placing a small amount of mild detergent onto the wool and gently scrubbing using warm water before checking if the color comes out at all. If none does, then you’re good to go but keep testing more stubborn stains later, too, just to be sure.

Also make sure to check the care label for how long you should dry your natural sheepskin rug after washing, as it’s different for each type. Usually, around 24 hours is standard but could vary depending on airflow and weather conditions – so keep that in mind when storing yours away between uses too.

Prepare a Washing Solution

A great way to clean a fur rug is by making your own washing solution. Washing the sheepskin or faux-fur rug yourself can save money and ensure that you get exactly what you need for cleaning purposes.

We recommend using a gentle shampoo or liquid soap, mixed with warm water and placed into a bucket. The bucket should be just enough to fully submerge the fur rug while leaving about an inch of space from where it starts so that nothing spills over during transport either.

If this seems like too much work, then another option would be adding a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid directly onto your hand or on top of any stubborn spots instead – which will save quite a bit more effort since no rugs have been prepared yet at this point. In some cases may even still not be enough to remove the stain.

In such a case, it’s worth using some distilled white vinegar instead since this will help to break down and dissolve any stains more easily than either water or soaps alone would be able to accomplish on their own.

Submerge the Rug in Warm Water

Before doing anything else, you should submerge the fur rug in warm water so that it becomes wet from top to bottom.

This is important because wetting a sheepskin rug before cleaning it will help to ensure that any dirt and debris which has been attached overtime comes loose more easily than if they were allowed to dry down onto its surface instead.

Rinse and Dry

How to dry fur rug?

After you have allowed the rug to soak for a few minutes, it should then be rinsed under fresh running water. This part of the cleaning process will help loosen any remaining dirt that might remain stuck onto its surface while also allowing more soap and other residues to be removed simultaneously.

This is important because if this step hasn’t been completed properly or fully enough by itself – no matter how well everything else has gone so far – there’s an excellent chance that your sheepskin rug won’t ever come out looking quite as clean as expected when finished either.

When all of these things are combined together in just the right way though, they’ll ensure that even deep down inside, every fiber within your sheepskin fur rug is as clean as possible.

This is important because the cleaner your sheepskin rug, the more durable it will be over time and less likely to wear down prematurely, which means that you’ll have a lot of time left before needing to purchase another one in its place instead.

Drying Tips

If the fur rug needs to be line-dried, then this must happen outside or inside with a fan running nearby (or better yet, both) since rugs are very thick and can take up to two days or more to fully dry out naturally if they’re hungover a clothesline indoors by themselves.

If left alone without any assistance, then there is likely not enough airflow through them. This will result in mold growth inside the fibers, so be sure to keep a fan running in the room where you have hung it up for several hours at least – or run a dehumidifier nearby if there’s one available.

If your natural sheepskin rug is very large, then we recommend splitting it into smaller sections with clothespins along the edge before hanging them out on a line together since this will increase airflow and help cut drying time down significantly. Just make sure that they are not touching each other while being dried, as wool can stick together easily, which could cause tears when pulling apart later.

For small to medium-sized rugs like Deluxe Natural Sheepskin Rug (60 x 80 inches), you should aim these overnight by themselves indoors without a fan, or around 36 hours if they’re drying inside with a dehumidifier.

In the case where there isn’t time to dry out completely before having to clean up and put it away for storage, then you can opt to use a quicker method like using a handheld steamer instead of washing it in the machine, though this will come at an increased risk of damaging your rug since most steamers don’t have temperature control – which could lead to scorching.

Be sure that all water has been wrung from the fur rug before putting them into storage too so that no moisture is trapped on any fibers when being stored between uses.

This way mold won’t grow while being hidden away in storage over long periods of time between regular use either.

Brush Fur Rug to Restore Fibers

After the fur rug has been allowed to dry for a few hours or even overnight, it’s time to brush along its surface with a new toothbrush.

This is important because doing so will help restore any of those individual fibers which might have gotten damaged from being too long submerged in water – and thus be able to stand upright again as they would normally do instead.

In many cases, this step won’t actually prove necessary since rinsing most sheepskin rugs thoroughly enough before drying them off should prevent such problems from occurring at all, but if not, then you’ll know exactly what needs fixing immediately afterward either way.

How to Wash a Sheepskin Rug in the Bathtub

  • Fill a clean, empty tub with warm water and add an all-natural soap (e.g., Ivory bar or Zote).
  • Swish to mix ingredients into suds before placing the sheepskin rug inside of the mixture; then allow it to soak for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse twice with cool water poured over each side of the rugs’ surface, followed by another rinse once more filled with soapy hot water—rinse thoroughly after this wash cycle.
  • Finally, spin out excess moisture from both sides using two strong towels immediately following washing three times during one day time period if possible.

How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug With Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are effective tools to clean sheepskin rugs because they provide a higher temperature than traditional vacuums.

Fur rug steam cleaning.

Fill the steam cleaner’s tank with distilled water, turn it on (and wait for it to heat up), and spray each side of the surface—allow at least 20 minutes drying time after cleaning one side before flipping over to do another wash cycle.

Hot water is the best option to remove dirt and stains because it enables effective cleaning. If you do not have a steam cleaner, then use hot water with liquid soap or detergent (add vinegar for tough areas) in your traditional vacuum cleaner instead—just make sure that all of the suction holes are covered when vacuuming large rugs.

Use only cold water if there’s an accident involving urine, feces, vomit etc., as this will reduce unpleasant odors from developing inside wool fibers. Always spot test before using any harsh chemicals on colored sheepskin rug surfaces.

How to Remove Stains From a Sheepskin Rug

In addition to removing dirt and stains from your sheepskin rug, you should also try to keep it free of harmful chemicals.

The best way is to use a natural enzyme-based shampoo or spray—you can usually find these products at the local pet store, online through Amazon etc., but always read reviews before purchasing anything.

  • If there’s an accident involving urine, feces, vomit etc., then remove as much mess as possible with paper towels first (avoid using harsh cleaners because they may leave behind residue that will attract more dirt).
  • Then mix water and white vinegar together in equal parts into a bowl/container – pour this over the affected area on top of the wool fibers.
  • Let sit for 20 minutes before lightly blotting away with paper towels.

How to Wash a Sheepskin Rug in the Washing Machine

Can you wash fur rug in the washing machine?

When it comes to cleaning your sheepskin rug, you have two options—either clean it by hand or in the washing machine. If choosing the latter option, then use a front-loading washer because they are gentler on fibers than top loaders.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Pre-treat any stains with a wool wash cleaner or shampoo.
  • Put the rug into the machine on its own, without anything else for it to tangle up against (i.e., no other laundry), and then choose “permanent press”/cold water cycle only.
  • Put in some white vinegar as well—this will kill odor-causing bacteria that may have developed inside your sheepskin rug after being used daily for so long.
  • After washing has finished, put extra rugs outside over grass to dry quickly because they tend to take longer than normal clothes do – be sure to flip regularly while drying too.

How to Wash a Faux Sheepskin Rug

Shake or Vacuum First

Before you start washing your faux sheepskin rug, make sure to shake it first or vacuum the rug clean. This will help remove any dust particles that might be on the fur before cleaning and avoid clumping during the process.

Fill a Tub With Soapy Water

Fill a clean tub or bucket with warm water and mild detergent. You can use liquid laundry soap if you have it, but dishwashing liquid works just as well for this process. Make sure to read the instructions on your chosen cleaning product first before using them since not all of them are safe to be used on faux fur rugs.

Let the Faux Fur Rug Soak in the Water

Once you’ve filled the tub with warm water and your chosen cleaning agent, let it sit for a few minutes. This will allow the soap to dissolve completely in the water before taking out your faux sheepskin rug.

If you’re using detergent or dishwashing liquid, add some baking soda into this mixture as well because it can help lift stains from both natural and synthetic wool fibers during washing. Just make sure not to use too much of these ingredients since they could irritate sensitive skin when left on them for long periods of time.

Rinse the Faux Fur Rug With Warm Water

Once you’ve let the rug soak for a few minutes, it’s time to rinse it clean. Take out your faux sheepskin rug and rinse with warm water until all soap is completely removed from its surface.

After rinsing off excess detergent or dishwashing liquid on the fur of your rug, run some cold water through them while gently squeezing them in both hands at once. This will allow more soap bubbles to be released without damaging the rug’s fibers when left under running water for too long.

As an alternative method, you can also use a front-loading washing machine if yours has different settings such as “delicate” instead of using handbags alone, especially if there are items inside that might damage your faux fur rug.

Dry It

Once you’ve finished rinsing your faux sheepskin rug, gently squeeze the excess water out using both hands. Do not twist or wring them since this can damage their fibers and cause bleeding in some cases when left wet for too long before drying.

Spread the fur of your faux sheepskin rug on an absorbent surface such as towels to allow it to dry completely before putting them away again. If you don’t have any spare towels available, hang your faux fur rug by its corners with enough space between each other so that they’ll be able to air-dry well until no more moisture is visible coming from them after half an hour or so.

This will help remove wrinkles caused by improper care while also preventing mildew or mold from growing on its surface when left wet for too long.

Once your faux sheepskin rug is completely dry, it’s time to store them away again. Store them in a cool and dry place that’s free of moths since these insects can easily damage natural wool fibers during their larval stage if not stored properly.

How to Clean a White Fur Rug

Basic Keep-it-Clean Care for a White Fur Rug

A white fur rug is a good way to add some texture and shine to any home.

White Sheepskin Fur Rug.

However, since they are made of animal skin, you should take special care when cleaning these rugs. A good rule of thumb for caring for your white faux-fur rug is: If it’s clean, keep it clean.

If the hair on the end of the fibers gets dirty or matted, that will leave visible strands along its surface; if this happens regularly, then you’ll need to give them all a quick brush with a wire dog-grooming comb (such as Furminator). With long shaggy coats such as sheepskin, regular brushing will help.

After they are clean, make sure to keep them dry by putting the rug on a flat surface or hanging it up somewhere with good air circulation until completely dry (shaking off excess water will help speed this along).

If you need to put your white fur rug away before it’s ready, then use our breathable storage bag to prevent mildew and smelly odors from accumulating in the fibers. This can be especially important if you have enclosed areas where humidity tends to build up, such as an indoor/outdoor kennel run that has limited ventilation during wet weather.

Homemade Detergent

If your sheepskin rug does need some cleaning, you can make a basic detergent for it by combining one part mild shampoo (avoid any products that contain conditioners or oils) with two parts lukewarm water. You should use this mixture to gently scrub the areas of the rug that are dirty using only your hands; avoid anything abrasive like brushes because they might damage the fur fibers. Rinse thoroughly and let dry.

Since white rugs tend to show dirt more than other colors, there’s no harm in washing them frequently if necessary, but be aware that frequent washings will also cause an increase in wear-and-tear on these types of animal skin rugs, so try not to overdo it unless absolutely needed.

Cleaning Stains and Stubborn Spots

As previously mentioned, white fur rugs tend to be more vulnerable than other colors when it comes to stains.

If you notice a stain on the surface of your rug, then you’ll want to act fast and treat it before it sets in too deeply.

If possible, try removing as much excess moisture with an absorbent towel or paper towels first (if using water-based sprays) but don’t rub because that might push the dirt further into the fibers where it’s harder to get out.

Depending on the size of your rug, you can also often save money by renting carpet cleaning equipment from local grocery stores rather than hiring a professional service to do it for you.

A Complete White Fur Rug Wash Guide

There are some quick tips to get your white fur rug looking great again. One of the best ways is to take it for professional cleaning, but if you have time and don’t want to pay for this service – here’s how you can do it yourself at home:

Steps Summary:

  1. Take a few rugs outside on the grass or sidewalk.
  2. Use a bucket with warm water and mild detergent (a dish soap would also work). Add more washing powder than usual since you have so many items being washed at once. Fill up halfway with enough water so that all the rugs will be submerged in there while still leaving room for swishing around everything inside without spilling out too much of it over the side.
  3. Let the rugs soak inside of this water for about an hour, stirring them around gently.
  4. Drain out the soapy water and refill with clear warm water. Repeat this step one more time if you’re really concerned about getting rid of any soap residue that might be left behind on your white fur rug (this is especially important if it’s a new item).
  5. Use another bucket to prepare your fabric softener mixture by adding half a cup of vinegar or lemon juice into two gallons of lukewarm water. Stir well until these ingredients are thoroughly mixed together into a solution, then pour over all four rugs at once while they’re still submerged in rinse-water from previous steps – take care not to let the combination overflow from the basins. Swish it around with your hand to make sure they’re evenly coated.
  6. Drain the water again and leave the rugs outside in fresh air for at least an hour before bringing them inside to dry – this will ensure you don’t have a moldy sheepskin rug.
  7. Roll up both ends of each fur rug towards its center while still damp from washing, then stand on it firmly so that all the excess liquid is pressed out. Lay flat over a towel or two until fully dry (this may take one day, depending upon how thick and dense your white fur rug happens to be). The best way to speed up drying time would be using a blow-dryer, but you should do it at low heat settings only because other options might lead to ruining your fur rug.
  8. Brush away any remaining loose dirt or fluff from your white fur rug, and it should be ready to use again.

Keep in mind that even though the process for cleaning a sheepskin, faux-fur or natural wool rug is quite straightforward – you might want to consult professional cleaners if there’s something wrong with your rugs:

  • If stains don’t come out after washing them several times, then it’s best not to waste time on using home remedies anymore but instead take these items into dry-cleaners. It could also mean that they’ve been through some rough treatment, such as having bleach spilled onto them, which may have caused damage where the chemicals soaked into the fabric fibers. In this case, machine wash doesn’t work either because of the risk of ruining your rugs.
  • If there are signs of mold growth after washing it – this is another good indication that you should take these items to dry-cleaners for proper cleaning instead of trying some home remedies, which probably won’t work at all.
  • Natural wool or sheepskin rugs with plenty of pet hair on them might be too difficult to clean by yourself, if not impossible, in case they’re made from real fur (there’s a huge difference between faux and natural ones). In this scenario, leaving them in professional care would yield better results than anything else you could do since pets can leave their saliva inside material fibers, making dirt stick much harder when you try removing them using regular wash routines.

Hand and Machine Washing Ivory Sheepskin Rugs

Follow these steps for Hand Washing Ivory Sheepskin Rug

  • Wash the sheepskin rug in cold or lukewarm water. Do not use hot water as it will cause excessive shrinkage and damage to the natural fibers of the sheepskin rug.
  • Use a mild soap (no harsh chemicals) with no bleach added; liquid dishwashing detergent works well for this purpose.
  • Gently swirl your hand around on top of one spot on the surface of your fur rug, you do not need to scrub very hard, just enough that it creates suds.

Follow these steps for Machine Washing Ivory Sheepskin Rug

  • Use the appropriate setting for a delicate load in your washing machine.
  • If you have a front-loading washer, place your sheepskin rug inside a mesh bag to prevent it from snagging on other laundry articles and being pulled out of the water by their force.
  • For both types of washers, use cold water and the gentle cycle to avoid damaging your sheepskin rug or other laundry articles that are being washed at the same time.
  • Again, do not add any bleach to this process; detergent alone will be sufficient for cleaning purposes.

Professional Cleaning

Professional Cleaning of a Natural Fur Rug

When you bring your fur rug to a professional cleaner, make sure the company is experienced with natural furs. If they don’t know how to clean and maintain natural fibers such as mink or beaver, it will do more harm than good.

The cleaners should also not steam-clean them because this can cause shrinkage and matting of the fur hairs, leading to balding in some areas. They may use dry cleaning solvents on your fiber, but that isn’t recommended either since these chemicals are toxic for both people and animals alike.

Professional Cleaning of a Faux Fur Rug or Sheepskin Rug

Professional cleaning of a faux fur rug or sheepskin rug is recommended for keeping their rugs in perfect condition.

It’s also great if you have a valuable item that needs special attention, such as an antique piece made from real animal skin. If your home contains one or more large rugs, it can be tempting to clean them yourself and save some money, but this should not always be the case.

If you want to maintain the quality of your rug for years and keep it looking as good as new, then professional cleaning is recommended.

There are many reasons why hiring a rug cleaner by yourself can be time-consuming and costly, so we decided to share with you some of them below. If not properly cleaned, rugs will become worn out over time and lose their shape, which means they’ll eventually need replacing – this won’t happen if you clean them professionally every year or two.

8 Tips about Caring and Maintenance Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rugs require a bit less maintenance in comparison to faux fur ones.

White Sheepskin Rug Natural-made of English Sheep.
Image Source:

However, it is important that you clean them once or twice per year, depending on their usage and the amount of dirt they have accumulated over time.

Avoid Sun and Moisture Exposure

Sheepskin rugs can get damaged if exposed to sunlight or moisture for a long time. It’s best that you keep them covered when not in use and avoid direct exposure to both these elements as much as possible. If you have sheepskin floor mats placed near the entrance, make sure they are lifted at least one inch from the ground so that rainwater doesn’t accumulate around them while coming in.

Adopt a Shake-and-Brush Routine

Sheepskin and other types of fur rugs will get dirty over time. If you want to maintain them for a long period without replacing them, shake them well before brushing with the help of a stiff brush or vacuum cleaner.

Act Fast and Spot Clean

If the stains and dirt on your sheepskin rug are not too severe, you can clean them using a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water. Soak up the moisture immediately after to prevent any type of damage.

Be careful while choosing what kind of detergents or soap powder to use for cleaning your fur rugs because some might contain chemicals that will cause discoloration or ruin their sheen over time. You should also avoid applying heat in order to get rid of stubborn stains as it may lead to shrinkage and other types of changes in appearance.

Always Dry Naturally

Never put your sheepskin rug in the dryer. Instead, you should lay it out flat and allow for natural air drying after scrubbing them thoroughly with water and cleaning solutions recommended by experts. Depending on how much moisture is to be absorbed from the rugs, the process may take a few hours or days, so patience will go a long way.

But if you live in an area where humidity levels are very high, hiring professional cleaners might be more beneficial than risking damage since they have access to better tools and equipment that can help remove stains without causing any discoloration over time.

Absorb Smells With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that you can sprinkle on your sheepskin rug to absorb bad odors. You should leave it there for some time and then shake or vacuum the baking soda off completely before allowing the rugs to dry naturally.

You shouldn’t use any kind of liquid chemicals because they might damage your fur rugs over time, especially if they are made from genuine sheepskin. Instead, opt for more gentle methods that won’t harm them in any way while also being effective at getting rid of stains and dirt buildup over an extended period of time without changing their appearance too much either.

Be Strategic About Placing Your Fur Rug

While you are thinking about how to clean a fur rug, don’t forget that placement is also important. You should avoid placing it in high-traffic areas where people will walk over them often because it may lead to permanent indentations which cannot be repaired at home even by professional cleaners.

Machine Wash Your Fur Rug

If you want to clean your sheepskin rug using a washing machine, it’s best that you opt for front-loading ones that don’t have center agitators. The latter may cause damage over time and even ruin the appearance of fur rugs permanently because they could lead to permanent pilling on their surface due to friction.

You should also use special detergents formulated specifically for cleaning animal hair while placing them in mesh laundry bags first before putting them into the washer.

These steps will help keep your favorite fur rug safe during the process without causing any type of discoloration or physical damages that cannot be reversed later on by dry-cleaning professionals who work with similar types of materials all year round.

Be sure not to overload the machine with fur rugs because that may lead to speed imbalance which will cause physical damages. You should also avoid using dry cleaning solvents if you can since they are not very effective at removing stains and other types of dirt buildup, leaving the need for re-cleaning after a few months or weeks depending on how often you use them in your home.

You shouldn’t wash sheepskin rug more than once every three years, especially if there is no visible sign of wear, tear or soil buildup over time.

At most, twice per year might be enough while making sure to air it out properly before putting it away until next winter comes around again when these beautiful accessories come into play during colder days ahead.

Store Your Fur Rug With Care

When it comes to storage, you should think about investing in a high-quality fur rug storage bag that will help keep them protected from the elements without causing any damage over time.

You can also use mothballs or cedar wood chips as natural repellents that won’t harm your skin rugs but may cause problems for people with allergies and other respiratory conditions. So they are not recommended by experts unless manufacturers provide no better alternative at an affordable price range.

You can place these items inside the storage bags before sealing them completely, then put them away during the summer months when sheepskin accessories aren’t needed anymore until next winter arrives again on schedule.

Fur Rug Storage Tips

How to store sheepskin rug?

When it comes to storing fur rugs, there are different opinions and techniques.

We recommend putting your fur rug away during the hot summer months and bringing them back out in the winter. Also, make sure you take care of any moth or insect problems before you store a fur rug for any length of time.

Some people recommend storing fur rugs in breathable bags. Some feel that this is best for hair and wool, while others think it will cause the rug to dry out if stored over time. This is a very personal choice, but you should store your fur rug somewhere free from moisture or humidity as well as pests such as mice and insects.

Last but not least – if you want to know how to store your fur rugs for the winter season, here are the simple steps.

  • Fold both ends of the sheepskin rug towards its center until it’s about an inch thick, then roll up as tightly as possible, starting from one end toward another ending at the middle section (wrap with stretch film or put inside a waterproof bag first).
  • Stand all rolled-up items upright on their sides and use cardboard boxes lined along one side where they’re standing instead of stacking them onto each other directly. This way, they won’t shift around while being transported, which also helps prevent any damage done by excessive pressure placed upon these delicate products.
  • Always make sure that there is enough space between every single item so that air can circulate freely.
  • If you don’t feel like storing them in cardboard boxes, then there’s nothing wrong with using vacuum-sealed bags – these will help against moisture and mold buildups during the cold season too.


Can You Use Bleach on Sheepskin Rug?

Yes, you can use bleach on sheepskin rugs.

Sheepskin rugs are very durable and have natural water repellent properties, so they repel stains really well. You should not worry about using bleach to clean your sheepskin rugs because the rug fibers will absorb it without any problem.

However, you must be careful when applying bleach to ensure that only the surface is being bleached but not deeper into the material itself. Or else this may cause damage to its color tone or texture, which makes it look old-fashioned after cleaning with chlorine-based products like detergents, soap, etc.

If you want a better result, then apply hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine for white-colored fur rugs while making sure that no discoloration occurs because of this.

How to Get Rid of Odors From Faux Fur Rugs?

Odors can be a big problem while cleaning faux fur rugs.

If you want to get rid of the odor, then all you need is some baking soda and water.

Take one part of baking soda and mix it with three parts of water to create a thick paste-like consistency and apply this on the dirtiest areas (where the smell is coming from) until they become dry again. Then clean off any remaining residue by using a vacuum cleaner or damping cloth in a downward motion so that there’s no further damage done after applying such remedies for cleaning your faux fur rug, which may cause discoloration if not cleaned properly).

How Do You Soften Sheepskin After Washing?

Sheepskin rugs can become stiff after being washed, and you need to know how to soften them back again.

To do so, take a clean mixing bowl, add one part of vinegar and two parts of water (distilled) and mix them together until the mixture becomes bubbly like substance.

Now dip your sheepskin rug in this solution for about 20 minutes, which will make sure that any chemical residue is removed from its surface while making it soft as new without discoloration occurring if done properly; otherwise, such remedies may cause damage to color or texture.

You should keep dipping your sheepskin rug into such solutions every week until the stiffness has been completely reduced.

Then allow it dry naturally on flat carpeted surfaces so that there’s no further damage done after applying such remedies for cleaning your sheepskin rug, which may cause discoloration if not cleaned properly.

If you want to maintain the softness of your newly washed sheepskin rugs, then make sure that you follow this process at least once a month so that it does not damage its color or texture when dyed again while making it look dull and old-fashioned when proper care is not taken after being cleaned with chlorine-based products like detergents, soap, etc.

How Do You Keep a Sheepskin Rug Fluffy?

Sheepskin rugs are very fluffy in nature, and you need to know how to keep them that way.

You should not try to fluff them by using your hands because it can damage the fibers of your sheepskin rug. Instead, use a vacuum cleaner or brush (for any non-sheepskins) to make them fluffy again without causing any further damage.

Can You Waterproof Sheepskin Rug?

Sheepskin rugs are highly absorbent in nature, and they can get damaged if you try to waterproof them. Besides, it is not recommended by experts because sheepskin rug needs airflow for its proper maintenance, and adding any kind of chemicals (even good ones) might make the fibers brittle which will cause substantial damage.

Can You Put Faux Fur in the Washing Machine?

Faux fur rugs can be easily washed in a washing machine if you use cold water and mild detergents (no bleaches) to clean them.

You should never put faux fur rug into the dryer as this might cause substantial damage because of its highly absorbent nature so allow your faux fur rug to air dry naturally on flat carpeted surfaces.

How Do You Fix Matted Faux Fur?

Faux fur rugs can get damaged easily if you try to fix matted faux fur yourself without the help of a professional.

How Do You Whiten a Yellowed Sheepskin Rug?

If your sheepskin rug is yellowed in a very noticeable way, you can re-dye it. Use a neutral, light color dye to blend with the existing fabric and then add dye that matches or complements your primary color scheme. Don’t use too much dye, though.

Test the mixture on an inconspicuous area first before applying any to your whole piece of fur furniture.

To avoid having unsightly stains from the excess application, apply small amounts at a time until you get the desired effect. You’ll need gloves for this project as well as old clothes because even if you don’t make mistakes while dying it yourself, there will likely be some bleeding onto clothing when dry cleaning them later (which we strongly recommend).

If you don’t feel like experimenting with dye, ask your local furrier if they will do it for you.

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