Best Black and White Rugs to Enhance Your Decor

It is high time you invested in something as spectacular as the series of black and white area rugs we have handpicked for you.

Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are also a great example of stylish and simple black and white rugs and are a personal favorite for simple and minimalist home furnishings. I have written a separate article about the most exquisite cowhide rugs here

Patterned rugs

Black and white colors look really appealing on rugs. We offer you high quality striped rugs that exploit the aforementioned fact fully.

Modela Collection Trellis Modern area rug

This machine woven rug comes straight from Turkey. Trellis lace incorporated here makes the rug look really chic. It is extremely durable and is considered the best amongst black and cream rugs. The area rug constitutes of 100% olefin/polypropylene. A unique design fills the carpetup with pizzazz. A borderline in cream makes it look even classier. The pile height isn’t much which makes it excellent to clean. It is also resistant to bacteria and mould.

Modern area rug in black and white

The unique design on this product captures you instantly. It is one of the best black and grey rugs you will find at such a cheap price. It will complement your floor finishing and merge with your sofa tones. It is made of polyester which makes vacuum cleaning a hoot.

Black and white zebra design shag collection

Dig in to explore the most rad style rugs you can ever lay your hands on. Zebra rugs,as the name suggests, are analogous to the zebra design.If you have a sofa of black or white shade then striped rug is a perfect way to complement its tint.It has a jute backing that is suggestive of its strength. The rug is machine woven and is manufactured with 100% heat-set polypropylene that highlights its long lasting capabilities. The carpet makes a silent promise to intensify the beauty of your décor.

Mixed pattern

Gray modern carpet

Gray is the new black. There are patches of white strewn all over the rug in an uneven fashion. The carpet is really plushy and soft to walk on. It is resistant to smears and marks and is easy to maintain.
Gray black white floral area rug: The breathtaking design on the black floral rug is a joy to watch. Manufactured in Turkey, this carpet looks quite fashionable. It will brim up your room with light and will send the dullness quotient down the toilet. It’s stain resistant and made from high quality polypropylene.

Floral pattern

Maxy luxury frieze pile floral tribal rug

The Italian wonder is a top-grade luxurious area rug that incorporates 100% heat-set frieze yarn for durability. It doesn’t need much maintenance as it is highly wear and fade-resistant in nature. The edges are Titan serge that stops the black white rug from getting frayed. Floral patterns are really artistic to look at.

Persian style

If you want to give your house a Persian look and feel, this is the rug for you. Turkey made black and white area rug is a super chic way to embellish your décor. It doesn’t stain easily hence it will save you the trouble of cleaning every day. It is a brand new beauty manufactured with polypropylene of the highest quality.


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